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Five Unexpected Places to Find Maternity Clothes

Shop until your belly pops! Popular retailers that help women get trendy looks for less are now expanding into maternity. With Forever 21's new Love 21 line of clothes to cover a burgeoning belly, mamas-to-be will have access to hip, affordable styles for the full nine months. And, Forever 21 isn't the only mall store joining the market. Check out these shopping surprises.

Forever 21 Maternity Line (and Other Unexpected Maternity Gear Options)American ApparelForever 21Ann Taylor LoftNordstromTopshop
4 years 8 weeks
I would have to agree that their clothing would be a waste of money. All of the Forever 21 clothing I own has fallen part after a few washes, so I don't even think it would make it through a whole season.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 4 years 10 weeks
Considering maternity clothes are only needed to last one season, its okay that they're not the best quality of clothes.
4 years 10 weeks
Hip perhaps, affordable yes. But you forgot to mention that hip and affordable come with a price in this case, the fact we are talking about disposable clothing. The quality and workmanship of their products is terrible. Their garments are poorly put together. I hope mamas-to-be will realize this!