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Forever 21/Kate Moss Lace Dress Please help me find it!


I am looking for a black lace dress, a mini, with 3/4 or long sleeves. Buy the time I was ready to checkout on Forever 21's website, the dress was gone!

chrisfashion chrisfashion 5 years 7 weeks
You may find some black lace dress here . On that link i find nice and cheap black dresses.
EuraHearts EuraHearts 5 years 8 weeks
Daring, but I like it.
fr33na fr33na 5 years 8 weeks Also available here, more sizes available soon
bohovintagegirl bohovintagegirl 5 years 19 weeks
A-dorable. looks sooo good on Kate!
dacute720 dacute720 5 years 28 weeks
does anyone even care that this is an exact knock off of a Diane von Furstenberg dress if you actually like fashion don't support forever 21 they are thieves
savvyanti savvyanti 6 years 16 weeks
ITS RIGHT HERE..on ebay, starting bid is only 9.99, sold out everywhere!!!
iwontfadeout iwontfadeout 6 years 32 weeks
I found some more, but these are all really expensive (all from Net-A-Porter) - "Belia wool lace dress" from Diane von Furstenberg - "Lace-insert dress" from Stella McCartney - "Lace mini dress" from Milly (this is brown, not black, though) - "Jersey and lace dress" from See by Chloé
iwontfadeout iwontfadeout 6 years 32 weeks - "Kensie Dress, Lace Scoop Neck" from Macy's - "Free People Dress, Holly's Lace Shift " from Macy's - "Gold Lace Bodycon Dress" from Topshop (not as close to what you're looking for, though) If I find anything else, I'll let you know.
powderbrush powderbrush 6 years 32 weeks
typo above...i meant "sexy to the framing"
powderbrush powderbrush 6 years 32 weeks
I know what u mean! try to contact the online store instead and speak to a supervisor or manager & ask them what they can do to track one down for you. Contact corporate also. if they can track down inventory at a location then your next concern would be if they do "charge-sends" which means u can purchase it by credit card over the phone & can ship it to you. I actually tried on the dress a couple of days ago..the fit is sexy to the fraing but the neck area was slighted messed up on the neck area so i didn't get it. But well worth the price indeed!
tvprofessor tvprofessor 6 years 32 weeks
Thanks so much ally14 and tepiza, this is exactly what I was looking for, again thanks a lot!
tepiza tepiza 6 years 33 weeks
7th post down:
ally14 ally14 6 years 33 weeks :D it comes in 3 colours but I think the black one is the nicest (and obviously the most like Kate Moss`)