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House Recap "Knight Fall"
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Which House Star Is Most-Deserving of a Spin-Off?

There were rumblings of a Lucas spin-off from House a long time ago, and though that idea has since been nixed, don't count out the possibility of seeing another character lead their own series. Fox president Kevin Reilly recently confirmed that exec producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs have a "standing offer" to create another show, possibly a spin-off.

This begs the question: if Lucas doesn't get his own show, then who should? I find Wilson completely lovable, but I'd hate to break up the bromance. Perhaps Cameron? There have been hints that she's coming back, so now seems like the right time, but honestly I just don't find her interesting enough to carry a show on her own. Thirteen could carry her own show; at least she has a more intriguing backstory. I wouldn't mind seeing Cuddy segue into new territory either. We could follow her as she starts a new life with Lucas in a different city, and at least it would put to bed those tiring "will they/won't they" storylines with House.

Or not. Hey, that's what crossover episodes are for.

Here are my top choices for a separate series — who gets your vote?

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nicmic113 nicmic113 4 years 25 weeks
unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, none have the clout to carry their own show
4 years 30 weeks
Cameron has left for good (So says Fox.) so I guess it would be her. But the only two that would have made a great spin-off died, Amber and Kunter.
4 years 32 weeks
I'd like Lucas to get lost not get his own show. He's honestly just boring and too uninteresting/attractive to lead a show of his own. I'm just saying. Personally, I'd love to see Lisa Edelstein get her own series and still play Cuddy on House. That is unless Cuddy hooks up with House. Cuddy is the only character I watch for on House. House is too nasty to be loveable or likeable. He's interesting and his weaknesses for Cuddy and Wilson make him worth watching but otherwise he's exactly the kind of turd most people avoid no matter how brilliant.
4 years 33 weeks
I hate Thirteen too. I hate her whole background story and that she has huntingtons. Who cares? She is so boring. I never like Cameron either. I think Wilson is the best character for a spin off, but he'd probably be nothing without House. What a terrible show to do a spin off of.
4 years 33 weeks
Their should be a spin off with House and Wilson away from the hospital it can be the new odd couple.
4 years 33 weeks
It's gotta be Taub! He goes back to his plastic surgery gig and scores all the ladies. "13" even does a guest appearance and he builds her some titties and nails her, too, it'll be great!
4 years 33 weeks
I don't think anyone should get a spin off. If not for HOUSE there would not be a show.
4 years 33 weeks
Miss-Shapes Miss-Shapes 4 years 33 weeks
None. This is a pretty lame idea. I wish it wouldn't happen.
4 years 33 weeks
Too bad Hugh Laurie (House) & RSL (Wilson) couldn't just spin off and get their own show, continue their Sherlock Holmes/Watson-type characters w/mystery whodunits w/a comic twist.
tellmemorex2 tellmemorex2 4 years 33 weeks
4 years 33 weeks
Lucas already has a spin-off. It's called "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". The spin-off should be Wilson and 13. Think of the possibilities!
4 years 33 weeks
None of the above. I don't think any of them can carry a show on their own.
4 years 33 weeks
who cares its just a lame tv showget a life get outdoors
4 years 33 weeks
Foreman!!! Foreman needs to leave and start his own show where we follow him trying to overcome his urges to be "House-like" in his own practice, but also grappling with the realization that House is the best and that his unorthodox ways save lives! Cross-over episodes are always fun...but I think the smaller characters like Cameron, Chase, Taub, etc, should be the only ones crossing over for a while. House is stubborn and wouldn't admit that he misses Foreman right away. Foreman is too stubborn as well, and would not come back for visits any time soon. Foreman has the potential to be great, with the potential story line of love interests, ethical and moral dilemmas, and family backstories. Huh? HUH?
4 years 33 weeks
A show with Dr. Darryl Nolan (Andre Braugher) in charge of the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital and its very likable patients and staff should be fun to watch... the regular characters depend too much on each other to be able to break apart on their own.
4 years 33 weeks
None of the four you picked. I would pick Lucas, but then I guess the spin off wouldnt be about medicine as much.
4 years 33 weeks
Another show I avoid. I'm surprised they haven't done an episode where House gets his butt kicked by someone fed up with his attitude. Spinoff? I hope not.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 4 years 33 weeks
I said other - I pick Cameron she's more interesting than all of those others.
sourcherry sourcherry 4 years 33 weeks
I agree, none. There are very interesting characters, but they only work in this environment... But if I had to choose, maybe it'd be Cameron. Cuddy and Wilson are too awesome around House, Taub is just dull, and as much as they try to add depth to Thirteen, I always feel like she's just filling the hot girl spot. But I do agree that Cameron probably wouldn't be interesting enough to carry her own show.
kcmosinki kcmosinki 4 years 33 weeks
I agree with the others, they should stay together.
verily verily 4 years 33 weeks
None. These characters only work because they work together. If you separate them from the team, they aren't nearly as interesting. I have no interest in Thirteen period, Taub is dull, and Wilson, as much as I love him, shouldn't be separated from House.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 4 years 33 weeks
NONE of the above.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 4 years 33 weeks
I guess if I had to choose, I would pick 13. I don't know why I'm the only one who likes her, but I do. In general, though, I hate spin-offs. I usually love the characters they choose for spin-offs on their original shows (Addison Montgomery, Frasier Crane), but don't like them nearly as much on the spin-off. I mean, who doesn't remember Joey? (And who doesn't want to forget it?)
genesisrocks genesisrocks 4 years 33 weeks
I don't watch too often but based on what I've seen my vote would probably be for Cuddy.