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Frankie Boxes Christmas Trees

Meet Frankie, aka Trouble! He loves to box the Christmas ornaments. He'll sneak in the fridge only to jump out at you. He's trouble, I tell ya. He only eats cat food with tuna. No tuna? Prepare for his wrath.

He loves to cuddle. He'll sit on you laps and purr. He purrs so fast and loud, that he drools. Funny kitty. I don't want a bath now. At night, he'll also sleep on you. A nice warm kitty is great for snowy nights.

He likes to hide. Under the covers, the couch, in the fridge, the shower - anywhere. He's silently planning to take over the world. Watch out!

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NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 8 years 24 weeks
how cute! I have to buy more and more ornaments.. plastic ones... because my cat like to box with them and my dog likes to bite them...
babyphatqueen420 babyphatqueen420 8 years 24 weeks
how cute :)
My-Opinion My-Opinion 8 years 24 weeks
I use to have a striped orange and white cat named Clyde! The drooling your cat does, is it from purring too fast or does he do it all the time? I had a persian that did that and it turned out to be really bad teeth and is pretty expensive!