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Free Sightseeing?
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Free Sightseeing?

hum today i didn't know what i should talk about on this blog then i realised that it'd be cool that the few times that i'm on pop i present a new place,a new club or a new thing that i like the most/discovered in paris..It'd be for u lucky guys like a free sigtseeing of my Town..Tell me what u think about it each time plus if u have a request for a specific place i'd be glad to find it out!
It's like 11 pm here in paris & from my window i can see the eiffel tower, but i think that i'm gonna talk about the night life in my favourite district called 'Saint Germain Des prés' you can find it on the map it's in the 05 district..
Well that's smimple for me there's a few places to have fun by night or by day ,my favourite 'Quartier latin' it's near 'Saint Germain des prés'it's full of different kind of restaurants(greek,italian,cuban,chinese,mexican..)..u Wanna eat tortillas no problem u can find it there,u wanna have a drink in a bar after No problem it's also well represented in this place.There r pubs,latin bars,dancing bars...

Plus everything is CHEAPER from anywhere else in paris!(for only 20 euros u can have a pretty night of fun)
There's a lot of coffees places too where u can just lay low all day ,relaxing & enjoy your pancake & the view..U can eat pancakes anytime u want(that's my greedy part who's talking),they do the best ones in the world(it's like a piece of heaven on earth)..

Well u can also found the famous university of letters called 'la Sorbonne',it's a very beautiful place ,a student place where u can have a lot of different activities (i discover new things everyday though i live there for 11 years)..
Then we got the gardens of Luxembourg a beautiful & immense place too..
les jardins du luxembourgles jardins du luxembourgLe panthéon ( a historical monument)Le panthéon ( a historical monument)The inside of the panthéonThe inside of the panthéonRestaurants in the 'Quartiers Latins'Restaurants in the 'Quartiers Latins'

I hope my descriptions weren't too muddled..I hope u'll like it ;) have a good night..
For my part it makes me wanna have a drink out tonight & a pancake too who knows??:p;)Map of paris with differents disctrictsMap of paris with differents disctricts

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BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 9 years 33 weeks
FrenchUnion, Thanks so much for sharing. I've been to Paris for 3 days and loved every minute of it. I would love to hear about more places and see more pictures! :)
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 9 years 33 weeks
I love france. I want to go there.