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Our Kitchen Remodel
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Friday Afternoon Art Project

We need a BIG piece of art on one of our walls in the living room.  I know it'll be awhile before I can afford something really, this afternoon I got out the brushes and paint and canvas and made a smaller piece for my bedroom...see if you like it!Narrow painter's masking tape is so much fun!!I picked a perfect red...careful to make sure tape is secure against canvas so there is no bleed under it!Voila!  I think it represents how we're intertwined....

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Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel
Neural Neural 4 years 31 weeks
Love it! Thanks for sharing!
cdelaney cdelaney 5 years 6 days
Love it!
LAKR LAKR 5 years 6 days
The red was just acrylic paint at Michael's....nothing special
carolynz carolynz 5 years 6 days
cool idea!
Marni7 Marni7 5 years 6 days
This is awesome and so weird because I did this a couple of days ago too! Well not the exact design but bought a canvas and paint and splattered it everywhere lol Good Job! I love it
vabeachbum vabeachbum 5 years 6 days
The artist tape will work even better if you run a coat of clear medium around the outside of the tape to seal it up really well. I used to use the tape when I wanted super straight lines in a painting but the paint always bled around the edges. Someone told me to coat the edges in medium first and it works like a charm! You can get medium in any craft store. It will be in the paint section.
lauren lauren 5 years 1 week
Looks great! I want to give it a try too!
retroinAL retroinAL 5 years 1 week
Wow! I have been looking for a similar idea for my foyer area-thanks for the post!
LAKR LAKR 5 years 1 week
Artists tape. Go to a arts supply store or a craft store. It's masking tape, but comes really super narrow (like I used) to wider. The narrow stuff can be curved (as I did) if you're careful, Go over it with your fingers (fingernail) to make sure it contacts well, especially where it crosses other tape. The edges are not knife-edge perfect up close, but it still looks cool. I've read that you should remove the tape before the paint dries so it doesn't lift sections of paint.
limelindsey limelindsey 5 years 1 week
Very cool! What kind of tape did you use?