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Friends Or Relationship ?

Me And This Guy Have Been Talking For A Bout 2 Or 3 Years .. And He Resently Told Me He Likes Me And Of Course Ive Like Him All Along. We Both Told Each Other We Dont Wanna Date Anyone Right Now . I Relized The Other Day I Really Do Wanna Date Him . Hes So Sweet To Me . We See Each Other All The Time Too . I Just Dont Know What Or How I Can Tell Him ...

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Rose Iphone 5 Case Help, not sure what to do How to keep an interest in a conversation with a famous person? How to keep and interest of a very famous person? For Henna :) video games and bf
annbaby annbaby 3 years 28 weeks
I think you should tell him! If you're too nervous, you can write him a letter and give it to him. This way you'll have the time to phrase everything perfectly, and he'll have time to think about it if he needs to.
missmaryb missmaryb 3 years 28 weeks
I think you should just tell him that you like him too and you would like to try dating each other. If he's already admitted he likes you, I'm guessing the conversation will go pretty well. Good luck!