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Frustrations of Motherhood
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Are You Ever Tired of Being a Mother?

Once a mother, always a mother. When lil ones are born, women – be they sales reps, writers, publicists, doctors, or any other professional – start a new career they will stay in for the rest of their lives. This motherhood career will be educational and have its ups and down, but it will also provide a woman with a sense of fulfillment she never thought was possible.

Yet unlike a job outside the home, moms can't up and decide that they are ready for a change, do a 180 and try their hand at something else. Yes, they can change up their careers to explore their abilities in another profession, but the job of motherhood is never ending. At the end of the day, are you ever tired of being a mother?

Overwhelmed by a crying baby, fighting tots, overbearing in-laws, and competitive parents? Start venting in our anonymous group, A Place to Vent and share your stress with fellow moms who understand your plight.

3 years 31 weeks
I will never subject to this hell called 'mommy land'. I'm neither too stupid or biological to enter a world where it's everything for someone else. I will never subject my self to 'playing with kids' or tolerating their annoyingness, neediness, or financial burdenness. Good night i'm going to do what I want!
ashleigh07 ashleigh07 3 years 33 weeks
i love being a mom. wouldn't trade it for anything. there are days though that i just want to hide in a dark closet and cry. seriously. being in a house with a very very strong willed 5 year old is a challenge. dealing with teachers. to punish or not to punish? ah! i just want one day for a little break.
3 years 36 weeks
I am not just tired of being a mom, I actually hate being a mother. And no, I am neither single nor young. I had my child older, past 30. And I should have remained single and childless. Thank God her father loves her and dotes on her, because I am saving money to leave. I can't take it anymore.
3 years 38 weeks
Seriously, I am 49 years old and I have loved being a Mom for 18 years and I love my kids, but yes, right now I am tired of being a mom. I am tired of laundry, tired of cooking, tired of being the "hub" of my families wheel, gee I'm even tired of Christmas! I know this feeling will pass, but lets be kind and encouraging to our fellow mommies. Sometimes life gets hard for various reasons, so hang in there all you weary and worn out mothers. You are not alone. There will be better days, less stressful days. You are doing a great job. I am sorry that you are exhausted and weary! Try and laugh at yourself and don't take the "rainbows and lollipop"Moms too seriously. They mean well, they just haven't walked down your road yet!:) Single mothers are saints and those of us who have partners to walk this well worn road along side of us should NEVER judge, just encourage.
Clicious Clicious 3 years 47 weeks
I think it has to with juggling all the things in life: work, being a mom, being a wife, making time for yourself, and fitting in everything that needs to be done everyday like cooking, cleaning etc. There is just not enough time in the day. I never get tired of being a mom. But I feel like I don't make time for myself and that it is hard to organize my life sometimes. It's like when you become a mom everything else often takes 2nd place. I don't think you can fully understand that concept until you're a mom. I think most of us probably need to take some time for ourselves once in awhile despite the lack of time. Now the question is Do you know what can relax and rejuvenate you? It's probably different for each of us.
MissSushi MissSushi 4 years 4 weeks
I get tired, both physically and mentally, but I never get tired of being a mom. That last hour or two before bedtime where I'm struggling to get the 2 yo ready for bed and the baby is crying is especially frazzling after a long day, but I just take my measly 1 1/2 hours of me time at the end of the night and relax recharge myself as much as possible before bed. After some entertainment and some sleep, I almost always feel refreshed and look forward to the new day.
4 years 5 weeks
I'm with schnappycat and Girl Jen! There are definitely days that I'm tired of being MOM! With 3 kids (ages 7, 4 and 20mos) there are days when I wish I could be someone else for even a few hours! Recharge my batteries and be someone other than Mom and I think I'd be a better mom for it! I find there are definitely times that there are more of those days than others. Like today! We've been away for 2 weeks, then came home to jump right into me running the oldest to karate camp ever morning this week and trying to get errands and catching up done for the last few weeks. The kids are tired and would like to play with their friends because we haven't' seen most of them since school got out and the weather turned to crap today so we're all stuck inside when we're all getting sick of each other. Today's a day I can't wait for school to go back in and I wish I wasn't MOM!
schnappycat schnappycat 4 years 5 weeks
I'm with you, Girl Jen. Right down to Wonder Pets. LOL! So yes, it happens with me. Lately, it's been very challenging and I've had more of those days.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 4 years 5 weeks
There are times that I get tired of being a mom. When it's 10:00pm and my three-year-old won't sleep and I don't know why, after a long day of tantrums and messes and errands and the #@$%&*! Wonder Pets, yes, I get tired of it. I want a day off. It doesn't happen often, thank goodness, but it happens.
stephley stephley 4 years 5 weeks
Nope never. I've felt exhausted, wiped out but always ended up thinking of how I could make things better for us, never thought 'screw it, I'd love to be doing something else.'