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Short on Gardening Space? Try Gardening — in a Bag!

Planning on growing a few vegetables or herbs this year? Whether you're short on space or want to expand your garden's footprint in the easiest way possible, the new Colorful Grow Bags ($30 and less, available in periwinkle blue, poppy red, and black) from Gardener's Supply will help yield a major harvest even if you only have minimal space.

By adding Gardener's specially formulated organic soil mix to each Colorful Grow Bag, you can be guaranteed a plentiful crop of whatever you plan on planting. These bags are specifically sized for each crop, including carrots, beans, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, or flowers.

The bags feature a patented polypropylene fabric that "breathes" and "air-prunes" roots for strong, healthy root systems, which is also tear-resistant and has reinforced seams. No tilling or amendments are necessary, since the energized Potting Mix is an organic slow-release fertilizer. Cage supports are included for tomato and bean bags. For hotter climates, choose red or blue fabric, which will reflect less heat. And since each bag is guaranteed for seven years, you don't have to worry about them wearing out after only a few seasons.

Would you try gardening with one of these bags?