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Gear Review: Pinda Yoga Backpack

If you're in the market for a new mat bag, look no further than the unique Pinda Yoga Backpack ($79) made by Saka. Innovatively designed to unify your practice and your life, this pack fits comfortably on your back, so you can walk or bike to class while easily towing along your mat, water bottle, change of clothes, phone, or whatever else you need. Pinda's signature Mat Wrap Panels keep any size mat secure, and the weight is evenly distributed so it stays put when you're moving.

I'm in love with all the little spaces for your things. There's one large zippered compartment that can hold bigger items like clothes or a towel, and it houses three smaller pockets for things like your wallet or personal items. The zippered pocket on the top of the pack is perfect for easy access to my phone.

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On the inside flap, there's a spot for your ID card, a velcro pocket for gum, energy bars, or tissues, and a mesh zippered pocket for more stuff, like money or lip balm. The secret zippered compartment on the inside bottom of the bag holds an elastic pocket in case you need to protect the bottom of your mat from the elements. I also love the pocket on the side that reveals a water bottle holder when unzipped. So clever! The Pinda Backpack is versatile because although it's perfect for yoga, I also use it when I'm hiking or biking, since the Mat Wrap Panels hold extra layers beautifully. All the pockets keep me organized no matter what I'm using it for. There's really no mat bag like it.

Just so you know, the mat and water bottle are not included.

cyun cyun 3 years 3 days
this is neat but Yogi Bags are amazinggggggg yoga mat bags out in the market----- roomy and cool looking i would go with something more fashionable that carries both my PRO mats :)))))))) yay for yogi bags and color color more color.
Sweet-Kirstin Sweet-Kirstin 6 years 25 weeks
I agree. This is a worthwhile keeper and room for what you need when it's there. Times are always changing for everything ( pardon my Old School ways ) Recommended ~ YIPPEE!!!!!! sweetkirstin