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The Generic American Revolt

While I have often announced that I was a proud "Generic American" firmly holding onto the tiny threads of my ancestorial past, the silence of what remained unsaid often screams at me. The tide of Generic Americans have been forced into politically correct silence for far too long.

Today in America we see the haves and the have-nots which is a kaleidoscope of nationalities and cultures. While wealth is not evenly distributed, neither is the ability to look past ones own shortcomings. It seems far easier to point fingers at others, wallow in pity or simply go ask for welfare.

America has become a socialist country in the making which has caused me to wonder what my forefathers would have felt about that. I wonder why the tea parties of today are not as successful and I ponder what that means for Americans of the future. What would my ancestors feel about the new legislation in Arizona regarding immigration? I sat down and really considered what being American really is and this is what I came up with:

Americans are founded on the primary idea that all of us are equal and anyone should be given the same chance to work for "The American Dream."

I believe the key word here in that sentence is WORK. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to work which also means they also pay taxes. That sentence or thought also implies that actual work is involved. Nothing is merely given.

While Arizona has ruffled more than a few feathers with their intent to enforce border and immigration laws, I do believe they are also recognizing the importance of protecting that which makes us free to work for that dream. Our forefathers set in place immigration laws because they knew America had much to offer and recognized that with anything of value, it must be earned.

Over the years America has been the protective mother to all those who entered their borders. Americans continue to give far more to charity than any other country in the world. We now give and protect even those beyond our borders. America has become the eternal selfless "giver" and has lost sight of the essential thought that anything worth having requires work. We only have ourselves to blame for being so giving.

What does this mean to immigrants? My neighbors from India and Belgium worked hard, saved money, and did the necessary paperwork to come to America. They recognized the essential portion of the American dream which demands work. They pay taxes, created jobs for other Americans and are productive parts of our culture. That is right....I said "our culture" which has become also theirs which is far different from that which demands to be separate and yet supported by our taxes and in this regard I am now discussing illegal aliens.

If you ask my neighbors who they are they will not say "I am a India-American or a Belgian-American" because they proudly will only say "American." I know this because I asked them. They say they earned that right and they have. This causes me a conflict when I hear anything different because those who come here to be part of America do so to become American and NOT some hyphenated and disconnected oddity.

As Americans they keep what they deem to be the best parts of the culture of their origin and celebrate it while also being very American. My neighbors remind us exactly what being American means. Being American is always first as it should be. Those of us like me who are "Generic Americans" sometimes feel disconnected because we have allowed others to dictate to us what the American ideal actually is. The liberals feed on that.

Liberals would love for us to question who we are and what we are. They'd love for us to be afraid to say that we support the whole "you must earn citizenship" way of thinking because after all, weren't we all some sort of immigrant at some point in our ancestor's past? They'd also like us to keep giving far more than we should because it has become expected--- which somehow gives me historic flashbacks to the "why" some of my ancestors tossed tea in a harbor in the first place so many years ago.

When American decides to start giving the most at home we will see a tremendous change. What kind of changes? That equal opportunity for an "equal and valued" education will become a reality. The American dream will be obtainable for more Americans. We need to be "paying it forward" here in America. Americans need to BE the priority.

What does this mean for the illegals? We must remind them as we also remind ourselves that laws are necessary and there for a reason. Funding is not unlimited. Nothing is free for anyone in America. Citizenship is not bought nor is it a right by means of just being here in America.

Americans have always been supportive to the marginalized however we have given until we all are being marginalized. At some point the unpopular simply must occur. The line must be drawn in the sand. The laws we must abide by must be enforced.

Do I feel badly for the illegals? Of course I do but that does not change the fact that our ability to provide for our actual citizens has been compromised by the needs of those who breach our borders. Do I think all of the illegals should be sent back to where they came from? Yes if they are criminals....No if they are not....but then I am reminded that the term "illegal aliens" essentially decides that dilemma for me.

At what point do we let liberals determine the new politically correct term for an illegal alien? Are liberals going to rewrite all our laws as well? Arizona has stood up for the "common good" of Americans and collecting some real criticism for simply attempting to follow the law. Wow. This is America. Are we just going to pick and choose which law is convenient at the moment? Illegal aliens are more than just inconvenient. They are breaking the law. As sad as that may be it is a reality.

Those who want to choose to ignore the law can press ONE for Spanish for instructions on how to leave. This Generic American is tired of overlooking the law, fighting for funding, and trying to find an appropriate means to educate my children in an over-wrought system which is failing. Yes it IS failing.

Perhaps I should apologize for appearing to focus this on only those illegals who happen to speak Spanish. I realize there are illegals from other places however I am not being asked on a daily basis to press ONE for any other language. I shouldn't have to push ONE for any language selection. English IS the language of America. Perhaps that is just one more minor detail we need to be reminded of, not embarrassed by, or bullied into admitting. Are we supposed to be apologizing for being American? THAT is how ridiculous it has become.

cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 1 week
I asked someone the other day what they'd do if a stranger knocked on their door and asked to stay in their home, be fed, clothed, educated, and be given medical care ALL without any expectation to return the favor...what would they do...and the reply was simply "Heck no I wouldn't even do that for one of my relatives." I am reminded of that saying about visitors who stay long past their welcome.
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years 1 week
when my dad arrived here , it was sink or swim, no social service net to fall back on, that is one freaken big difference no one on the other side wants to talk about today
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years 1 week
My dad was an "illegal emigrant",and a German citizen. The U.S. army gave my dad leave in 1943 to go to Cuba, so he could come into the country legally , gave him his "first papers" and sent him off to the ETO. I grew up in Ireland, married a first generation Greek, have children who married a first generation filipino, another a "mixed blood Puerto Rican, and another a lad of easterten European decent. We are all proud Americans. Though I hope my grandkids in their heart know thay are "Irish- Americans" ;-) Our ancestors came here to improve the lives and opportunities of their children. If their homeland was all that great, they never would have left.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 1 week
That one thought has undermined so much of our society. One can say that liberals demand equality but are unwilling to do what is really necessary to make that happen but simultaneously placing blame on others which solves nothing. Often what is necessary is not popular. Arizona has found this out. While I am not happy with the idea of deporting people my rational side knows that we have to at least enforce the border if nothing else. Living in California,I have seen the realities daily of what happens when that border is a revolving door and it is not good.
UnDave35 UnDave35 6 years 2 weeks
"While wealth is not evenly distributed, neither is the ability to look past ones own shortcomings." Great comment! Somehow, it's not that person's fault that they didn't work hard enough in school, or at their job, to get the promotions to get the money this other person makes, who actually worked hard in school and at work to get those promotions.