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Get Your One-on-One Time While Burning Calories!

When the weather is nice, it's time to take advantage of the great outdoors with the ones you love. Planning a hiking date with your special someone is easy, cost effective, and good for the mind, body, and spirit. Check out these tips to maximize your romantic experience on the trail:

  • Don't wear new hiking boots — you don't want aching feet to take away from the day.
  • If you decide to make a whole day of it, pack a few essentials like snacks, water, a book, and a blanket so you can enjoy a rest along the way.
  • Bring layers!

Click on the city nearest you for a custom hiking guide — San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, or New York.

samil7 samil7 4 years 50 weeks
yay for getting outside this summer!!!!
Jillyk530 Jillyk530 4 years 50 weeks
Love these guides!!!
Happysurfer Happysurfer 4 years 50 weeks
Shame there isn't a UK one. I will try to adapt though :)
sahmad1203 sahmad1203 4 years 50 weeks
this pizza tour looks so fun!!!