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Greek Yogurt with Red Wine-Infused Dates, Toasted Walnuts & Honey
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Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival Pics and Deets

On Saturday, my mom and I checked out the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival for the first time. We scored on the tickets, $5 each instead of $20, so that made up for the fact that it didn't quite meet our expectations.

Overall, the treats were tasty, but the crowds were out of control. So we had to plan accordingly, grabbing sweets at the booths with no lines to then enjoy while waiting in the massive lines or dividing and conquering. From chocolate stout to chocolate-stuffed marshmallows, see my roundup of what we sipped and nibbled. If you went, what did you think?

Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival Pics and DeetsThe spiced almond caramel corn from C.C. Made had quite the kick to it! I didn't expect it to be so spicy, but the sweet caramel packed with a little heat was a welcome surprise.
Ghirardelli's mini sundaes were a bit of a disappointment. After waiting in a ridiculously long line I expected more than melted ice cream with cold "hot" fudge and liquefied whipped cream.
One of my faves, GÜDFÜD's chocolate-filled marshmallows were tiny but yummy.
Our first taste was Young's Double Chocolate Stout, and it was delicious! Chocolatey without being overly sweet, it paired nicely with some of the other desserts.
After waiting in another doozy of a line for what we thought was ice cream, we ended up in Ghirardelli's chocolate tent, which was full of the brand's chocolate squares and this drinking chocolate. This thick, super-rich version of Italy's cioccolata calda was pretty good, but not as good as the read deal.
Checking out McCormick & Kuleto's volunteer prepping the flourless chocolate truffle cakes.
These were simply delightful! My favorite treat of the day, especially washed down with the chocolate stout!
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