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Girls leggings line: Create what you want!


Create what you want at:

Polkadot What leggings are proudly made in the USA. The goal of the brand is to build creativity, confidence and self-esteem by empowering young girls, ages 2 to 10 years old, to create what they want and express their individual personality through interactive design. We have taken a popular, versatile and comfortable clothing item - leggings - and turned it into a fun and interactive design piece with positive messages. We want to make clothing that is fun, stylish, comfortable, bold, inspiring and empowering.

For every one creation and purchase of a pair of Polkadot What leggings, $1 will be donated to provide two school lunches to two children in South Africa through the Lunchbox Fund - a non-profit organization that provides daily meals to impoverished school children in South Africa.

Create what you want at: