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Palin Blasts Liberal Media Over Gaza Coverage
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Give $5 to Obama? Hell No.

Okay....I know I had ticked off people when I began to suddenly find myself swimming in emails from the Obama support groups begging for money.  Yes, I laughed when I began to receive letters from Michele Obama as well.. B U T...when I got this last email signed by the President, written supposedly by our President, to my private email address I laughed.


Why did I laugh?  Because this letter--email---from President Obama, seems to present the idea that my $5 donation could somehow manage to change the course of history.  My president was asking me for my last $5 so that he could still feel some glimmer of hope that he could pass HIS idea of reform.  He isn't listening to the MANY Americans who even voted for him....just pushing thru the weeds towards HIS goal.   It isn't OUR goal. many times before I have shared these emails from his supporters which daily beg me for money.   This time I am sharing it because no matter how laughable and bizarre it seems---he still isn't listening to the American People.   Obama is so focused on HIS goal that he has lost sight of WHY many people voted for him.  They wanted change they could stand behind and support....and it should realistically cost minimal if done correctly.  He just keeps begging for money and money is not going to fix the problem.


So....Here is my most recent email from our President Obama which was sent to my private email address.  I think it will speak volumes in it's breavity.  "Just give me the damn money because I am not going to give up NOT listening to the people I represent and lead" seems to be the prevailing message:

We will not back down

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 9:33 PM




As we head into the final stretch on health reform, big insurance company lobbyists and their partisan allies hope that their relentless attacks and millions of dollars can intimidate us into accepting the status quo.

So I have a message for them, from all of us: Not this time. We have come too far. We will not turn back. We will not back down.

But do not doubt -- the opponents of reform will not rest. So I need you to fight alongside me.

We must continue to build out our campaign -- to spread the facts on the air and on the ground, and to bring in more volunteers and train them to join the fight. I urgently need your help to keep this 50-state movement for reform going strong.

Please donate $5 or whatever you can afford today:

(cheeky deleted the link)

Let's win this together,

President Barack Obama

Paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee,
This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Democratic National Committee, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Contributions or gifts to the Democratic National Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. 


Grandpa Grandpa 6 years 24 weeks
I do not know if that medal has ever been given posthumously, but I would write about Ronald Reagan, his "Tear down this wall" speech, and the resulting break up of the Soviet empire.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 24 weeks
My daughter's class watched the coverage of Obama getting the "prize" and then were given an assignment to write an essay about what he did to achieve such an honor. She said they all set there scratching their heads and couldn't really come up with anything valid to say. Her teacher watched the class squirm for about 10 minutes and then changed the assignment to "Obama got the Nobel Peace Price But I think so-n-so should have gotten it instead..and why" Seriously---if school kids can figure this out then why hasn't the rest of America?
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years 24 weeks
I think now even the Norwegians are regretting that medal offer
samantha999 samantha999 6 years 24 weeks
CG putting the kool-aid guy to work :rotfl: I have been calling it any of the following: The kiss ass medal / The We are Norway - give us money or increase our tourism revenue medal / the look we were strung out and gave it to the new guy medal
skb9850 skb9850 6 years 24 weeks
CG, love the avitar!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 6 years 24 weeks
is that Fiver going for a new frame for his new nobel peace prize or as well call it in our household "the popularity prize"
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 24 weeks
I changed the pic just for you syako.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 24 weeks
Grandpa I could say yes....but then there are those who would then claim I am full of it. Honestly it doesn't matter so much "who" you know...but rather do they "know" you. I am on a constant letter-writing / email stint which is supporting the legislation I am writing with The American Legion re:education transcripts. As a result I end up on many email much so that I have two separate email addresses. (one for family and one for the riff-raff) On one level it is interesting to see just how far they stoop to beg for money as "support" and on another level it is downright annoying to see so much crap that I am certain our tax dollars are probably paying for. It is laughable to see how easily they undermine themselves with their pleas for money.
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years 24 weeks
Gee, you have friends in high places, Cheeky. Were you invited to that state dinner too?
samantha999 samantha999 6 years 24 weeks
well it is about health reform but i can understand Sy's problem. Oh look at the new girl - she gets porn at the office. ;) "We have come too far (to far to the left you mean) . We will not turn back (can we drive you back with pitchforks and torches?) . We will not back down (fine I can throw you down if you so choose but i will kick you once you are down there). But do not doubt -- the opponents of reform will not rest (Caffeine for all - pass that pepsi max, redbull, mt. dew mix). So I need you to fight alongside me (i prefer behind you with a sharp knife). We must continue to build out our campaign -- to spread the facts LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!
UnDave35 UnDave35 6 years 24 weeks
" I just don't see how it's relevant to the article." You mean, other than she's hot and naked, right??
syako syako 6 years 24 weeks
Can you change the picture on this? It comes up on my tracker really big and I'm at work. If not, it's no big deal. I just don't see how it's relevant to the article. Thanks.
skb9850 skb9850 6 years 24 weeks
Amazing that he claims it all the big industries that are causing people to be against his plan. He really does think we are all stupid.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 24 weeks
He will get my last five bucks when he pries my cold dead fingers off of it.....which might not be so far away if his health bill passes.