Goat Cheese a No-No?!

Ok, I first posted that goat cheese had very little lactose in it (I was told by the "Cheese Expert" at Whole Foods this and that it was a good alternative to cow's milk)...Well now, in doing some research, (see previous post, The Hidden Cow), that goat's milk has nearly as much lactose as cow's milk and is not suitable for those with a lactose intolerance.
Although, when I ate goat's milk, I did not find that I had any adverse effects from it, so I suggest, like anything, try it in moderation.

girlA girlA 8 years 41 weeks
It hard because I've gotten conflicting "reports" on goat cheese and how it is different from cow's milk. I would hope that goat's milk is good for those with cow's milk intolerances, but I haven't been convinced yet! I'll check out the Redwood Hill Farm link! Thanks!
Food Food 8 years 41 weeks
Goat cheese has lactose in it, but it's a different kind, so a lot of lactose intolerante people are actually able to stomach goat cheese. The folks at Redwood Hill Farm have a bit more info. hope that helps!