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The Golden Tabby Tiger

The Golden Tabby Tiger
this is a real tiger, no joke. But the reason why you may not of seen any of these animals is because there is so few. This tiger can ONLY be found at zoo. And are not capable of surviving in the wild. This Tiger is even more rare then the white tigers. And only 13 zoo around the world has them.This really touches me deep down in. Please leave comments on how you feel upon this rare Tiger.
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iinnddiiggoo iinnddiiggoo 6 years 28 weeks
poor things
Chihaz Chihaz 8 years 41 weeks
I'm a bit of a tiger enthusiast and I find the fact that all breeds of tiger are quickly becoming extinct truly tragic. I'm also appalled by the inbreeding of white tigers just to supply the demand for them. I hope more can be done.
Jus_A_Partyr Jus_A_Partyr 8 years 41 weeks
Poor things