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Good Scented Candles?

I recently moved into an old building in San Francisco. I went away for the long weekend and when I returned last night, I couldn't take the funky smell. I made sure to take the garbage out before I left on Thursday evening, but both the bathroom and main room (it's a studio) smelled stuffy and old. That's when I realized: I'm ready to invest in some wonderful smelling home candles that will make my place seem fresh and delightful. What do you recommend?

texdoll texdoll 4 years 7 weeks
My favorite candle is Votivo Red Currant. Votivo has many great scents. My new find is Yankee Candle's Reed Diffuser in Sun and Sand. I may be at work but it smells like vacation.
4 years 10 weeks
Great suggestions - with 2 dogs I understand the need for great candles in a home. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Capri Blue Aloha Orchid and of course Volcano is a staple too - really any of their fragrances. They are the best!!
tee0206 tee0206 4 years 10 weeks
I love Seda France candles. They're a little pricey, but I LOVE the Japanese Quince scent.
partysugar partysugar 4 years 10 weeks
Thanks for the suggestions!
POPSUGAR-Home POPSUGAR-Home 4 years 10 weeks
Double wick candles don't burn faster than single wicks but more evenly. Single wick candles liquefy only in the middle so the wick runs out quicker, you're left with unused wax, and they have to work harder to get the same effect.
4 years 10 weeks
"Other things to look for are double wick candles (which make the candle last longer) and soy candles (which burn clean and are more eco)." I worked at Yankee Candle for over a year and my understanding was that while double wicks make the candle burn more evenly, they actually make the candle burn faster, not slower. Correct?
4 years 10 weeks
Boy howdy, you guys are in for a real treat! Try Sweet Scents candles! $20 each and a flat $6 for shipping. I don't actually light them, I use a coffee warmer/candle warmer and I have had some candles still in rotation for the last year. To me the baking scents are them best but they change up the scents by season. I love "Fresh From the Oven" and their signature Potpourri. The ladies there swear they have the strongest scent possible and I tend to agree. Why? They last forever and my mom (also in assisted living) complained they were too strong.
steen steen 4 years 10 weeks
One of my favorite candles of all time is the Yankee Candle Company scent, Fresh Cut Roses. They smell just like real roses without being perfumey or exaggerated! For my house, I tend to avoid strong smells like vanilla or berries, going with lighter ones like citrus or "fresh" scents (ones that have "sea" or "rain" or "ocean" in the name). I try to keep it light because I know that not everyone may love Vanilla Buttercream or Berry Berry Medley or whatever. I sniff out every candle that sounds remotely appealing, and even ones that may not. I keep a few that are my personal faves (like pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon for the holidays) and a few that are a bit more guest-friendly.