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Great Gifts for the Foodie/Chef

I order products from this acclaimed food artisan sometimes...Robert Lambert.  He's based outside San Francisco and makes the most incredible small batch artisan jams, jellies, maramalades, chocolate sauces, specialities, etc.  The new Wild Blueberry Lemon Jam is amazing!!!  All product ingredients are uniquely combined and the finest available.  In the case of the preserves, the fruit is frequently from private collections.  I've inquired.  I found out from this mailer attached that the two InterContinental Hotel properties in San Francisco feature original Lambert Jam creations (like Pear Ginger with Brandy) that are ONLY available there...and nowhere else.  I was in San Fran yesterday and got some at the InterContinental San Francisco Hotel (the Mark Hopkins has them also).  Astounding!  Soooo good!  RL is offering great gift sets (create your own).  I am better in the kitchen for his creations!   You can click on mailer images to go to site, or use this if you want:

Choose Your Own Artisan Specialties Gift Set