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Great gift for mom-custom inscription jewelry

I ordered a bangle recently for my mom off of etsy.com (my new favorite website!) and it turned out great! I had imprinted on it a song title that my grandmother used to sing.
It did come out a little small (but then again, I practically have man hands), but was beautiful.

Here is the link to her page:


Thought I should share, especially since I always have a tough time getting gifts for my parents!

Fire_Vixen Fire_Vixen 6 years 24 weeks
Lovely idea, very thoughtful ;)!! :D Love life?...act like it!
ces016 ces016 6 years 24 weeks
great idea that is beautiful
anned anned 6 years 25 weeks
I am addicted to etsy!
emalove emalove 6 years 25 weeks
Aw, what a nice gift idea! I'll have to remember this for Mother's Day.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 6 years 25 weeks
Wow, this is great! Thanks for posting it! Etsy is such a great site, isn't it???
tdsollog tdsollog 6 years 25 weeks
Very cool! I like it a lot. I am so glad I got turned on to etsy. Thanks!
burnsjl burnsjl 6 years 25 weeks
Thank you! I love things like that.
outofhere outofhere 6 years 25 weeks
That is a sweet bracelet. I can just imagine a Mom catching herself looking at it and enjoying the sweet message inscribed on it. Thanks for the link anned. I love etsy!
chanel-is-life chanel-is-life 6 years 25 weeks
thats such a good idea! my mom loves bracelets
cloudy-D cloudy-D 6 years 25 weeks
What a great gift!
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 6 years 25 weeks
That is wonderful!
QueenMargot QueenMargot 6 years 25 weeks
Beautiful idea!
That bangle is gorgeous and thank you so much for the tip. That site will certainly come in handy.
NurseBossyBum NurseBossyBum 6 years 25 weeks
That's awesome :)
Leopardcc Leopardcc 6 years 25 weeks
Wow! That is beautiful!