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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Not Responsible"
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Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Almost Grown"

It's a big episode for the Seattle Grace residents on Grey's Anatomy — graduation day! The underlings (well, except for Lexie) become attendings with the help of some snazzy new scrubs. It's not all handshakes and high fives though: now the training wheels are off, and the doctors have to start performing without the help of a safety net.

As for the upper level docs, each department is fighting for a million dollar grant from Chief Webber. Callie uses some shifty techniques to psych out the competition, but in the end, many of the surgeons end up sabotaging themselves during their big moments. Let's go over all the highlights

  • Cristina is awarded a promotion along with the rest of the class, but she's not exactly enthusiastic about the news. Still stuck in her rut, she follows along with Teddy and April on a patient who needs a lung transplant. When Teddy grills her about what steps to take, Cristina remains completely apathetic, which prompts Teddy to threaten Cristina's job. Cristina remains unfazed by the whole situation, but at the end of the episode she finally starts to come out of her fog. When she defends the patient in front of a panel, you can see that Teddy is encouraged that the old Cristina is finally returning. But is it all gravy from here, or is this just a baby step?
  • Lexie's left in the dust of the new attendings, and though she's frazzled, she's loving every minute of it. Her confidence isn't even rattled when a sassy patient calls her out for being so busy — but ultimately, Lexie crashes in the locker room at the end of her long day.
  • Jackson and Meredith have a nerd-off to determine who will perform his/her very first solo brain surgery. Though Jackson's performance has been shaky as of late, he totally schools Meredith in their little competition. Unfortunately, all that confidence doesn't compensate for skill, and Derek has to save him from a botched surgery. Meanwhile, Meredith gets high marks on the emergency brain surgery she performs while Derek is busy fixing Jackson's mistake.
  • Watching the merry-go-round of surgeons plead their cases to the Chief is the best part of the episode as far as I'm concerned. Teddy goes off on a tangent about how she's still mad at Derek for almost having her fired and Arizona gets angry instead of weepy. My personal favorite is Mark's diatribe about how not having sex has given him the "strength of ten men" and waxing poetical about his "untapped stores of energy." In the end though, Owen wins the million dollars for trauma training. Once he brings up the shooter and Percy's death, you know there's no way the Chief could choose anyone else.
  • Meredith's chance of inheriting her mother's Alzheimer's disease comes up again this week, as Derek's case to the Chief is built on finding a possible cure. Clearly the illness is something that's constantly on his mind (can you blame him?) but what's going to happen when Mere gets the results of that test? I'm hoping it comes back negative so this doesn't become an issue for the rest of the series, but what are your predictions?

What are your thoughts on this week's Grey's? Do you think Cristina is cured of her post traumatic stress? Did you miss all the relationship drama? Let's dish in the comments, or head to the Grey's Anatomy Junkies group in the Buzz Community for more fun!

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smileyface smileyface 5 years 28 weeks
@ Anonymous, I know this is like 3 episodes too late, but I was trying to figure out the same thing as well when I watched it--why were April and Jackson promoted, but not Lexie. The Chief said the promotion was only for 4th year residents and then I realized that even though Lexie has been on the show longer than April and Jackson, they came from Mercy West, so were further along in their program before the 2 hospitals merged. Make sense?
pss pss 5 years 30 weeks
I'm so proud of Karev!!Go Alex!!The same thing with Meredith!! Loved this ep, and how they're growing up as doctors and human beings. Glad that Cristina is starting to see the light. The possibility of Mer having Alzheimer's disease is a very interesting storyline to the plot...Loved those Derek's words to the Chief about how much worried he is about it. Also, happy Owen won the million dollar, trauma is my fave, although I hate him.
stephley stephley 5 years 30 weeks
I thought the doctors making their pitches to the chief was awful - most were so shockingly unprofessional (Callie going on about what's a good lesbian???) that it felt like I was watching Scrubs.
limelindsey limelindsey 5 years 30 weeks
My favorite part of the episode was when Mere was interrogating Lexie about the knee surgery/brain bleed girl and Lexie said "wow, you really sound like an attending," and Mere replied "I know, right?" It was funny and such a sweet sister moment. I was really proud of the Grey girls.
redchick152 redchick152 5 years 31 weeks
i love seeing my favorite docs succeed in their solo surgeries. especially Mer. they've focused alot on how she is maturing this season....she's been kicking ass w/ surgeries, patients, and not to mention her personal relationships (dereck, christina, lexie, even april). i just really like seeing this side of Mer after all the "darkness" of the last few seasons. these writer's need to give sandra oh something better than this mopey christina. i understand the PTSD aspect, but we just went thru the same mopey-ness after burke left and she had no teacher, blah, blah, blah. we need something NEW. maybe they should bring burke back to stir things up???