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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Not Responsible"
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Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Not Responsible"

As Meredith starts to lose her vision on Grey's Anatomy, a few of her fellow doctors begin to open their eyes to situations that have been right in front of them all along. The Chief finally admits that his wife may have a serious problem, Lexie notices the way Jackson's been craving, and bigger issues come to the light for Cristina, Owen, Callie, and Arizona.

The episode has a few unexpected surprises (especially for April), along with more pregnancy drama and Alzheimer's talk. Ready to get into it? Just


  • Meredith's still taking fertility hormones, but now she's feeling the side effects. When her vision starts going, she assures Karev that she can squint her way through life, but she balks in the OR when she's about to perform a surgery with Derek. When Lucy hears that the drugs are to blame, she makes Meredith quit taking them before she does permanent damage. As Meredith starts to freak out about performing surgery, Derek can't believe that she tried to sweep her problem under the rug. The real question on my mind isn't whether or not Mere's sight will be affected in the long run, but if she can still get pregnant.
  • Meredith and Callie's pregnancy issues have an impact on Cristina, who happily thanks Owen for not trying to put a bun in her oven. Her joy is short-lived though, as she realizes that Owen is just yessing her about not having kids. It leads to a bigger discussion where Owen admits that he's expecting Cristina to get over her career focus with time, and an angry Cristina assures him that she's not the type of girl who comes around. Their argument reaches a stalemate, and Owen has a valid point in saying that Cristina doesn't consider his opinion. However, assuming that Cristina will want a family down the road isn't a safe bet (although things did turn around for Arizona and Callie).
  • No surprise here: Adele is back in the hospital already after breaking her arm on last week's episode. This time, she blames her shoes for the tumble she takes in a grocery store, and the Chief puts her under Bailey's watch. The Chief is still in denial that there's something seriously wrong with his wife and is happy to accept Bailey's assessment that nothing showed up on her tests. Bailey isn't willing to accept that Adele simply has "two left feet" though and urges the Chief to have Derek take a look.
  • Jackson finally confesses his feelings for Lexie! Lexie has soul mates on the brain, thanks to a pair of cystic fibrosis patients who can't bear to be apart despite the threat that they pose to each other. She overhears Mark talking about being a dad and starts to wonder if she made a mistake in dumping him. Just when I thought a reconciliation was inevitable, Jackson finally decides to grow a pair and tells Lexie that she's got tons of soul mates out there — and he may be one of them. Lexie looks genuinely shocked to hear this news (come on), but boy does she seize the opportunity fast! By the end of the episode, the housemates are taking a steamy shower together (living under one roof does have its benefits).
  • In other inter-hospital relationships, Alex is still hung up on "that hot O.B." Lucy, and tries again to get her attention. They're mostly put on the back burner though, making room for arguably the most unexpected pairing in history: Stark and April?! Stark is back to his typical cold and arrogant routine, but he quizzically softens to April over the course of the episode. As it turns out, he has a crush on her — and she agrees to a date! I'm happy to see a new side of Stark, but the idea of April losing her v-card to him kind of grosses me out. What do you think will happen here? And how will Alex react?
  • Callie is only a few months into her pregnancy, but Sloan and Arizona are still bickering about her like she's not even there. The latest dispute is about whether or not Callie should get an amnio, and as usual, it's a case of too many doctors in the room. This time, though, Mark shows that he's serious about the baby when he yells at Callie about his say as a parent. Callie makes the decision for herself, but Mark successfully convinces her that he's going to be a good father. Unfortunately, Arizona doesn't exactly share the same sentiment: she confesses that she's less than thrilled about having Mark in her life for the long haul. Looks like it's only going to get worse from here.

How did you feel about this week's episode? Are you happy to see Jackson and Lexie finally hooking up (I know I am), or do you still think she should be with Mark? And what are your thoughts on Stark getting into the romantic mix? After you've left your comments, be sure to head over to the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group in the Buzz Community.

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lizlee89 lizlee89 5 years 11 weeks
First of all, redchick, "domesticity" is absolutely a word. Second of all, can we please erase "v-card" from our vernacular?! It is sooooo stupid and, to me, tries to make the act sound even less serious than people already treat it...
lillis lillis 5 years 13 weeks
yaaaaay for lexie and jackson! they'd be the best couple ever.
redchick152 redchick152 5 years 13 weeks
owne should know*******not "no"
redchick152 redchick152 5 years 13 weeks
is it me or does the mer/der pregnancy storyline just seem random??? it/miscarriage made a good story last season, but it just seems so out there. i feel like the writers have run out of stories for these two! i am no longer interested in owen and christina. they just seem so mismatched. owen should no by now that there is no forcing christina into domesticity (is that a word??), she has to want it for herself. i say bring Burke back and shake things up!! yay for lexie and jackson. eew for stark and april. boo for the baby triangle that is mark/callie/arizona. i'm tired of all the fighting.