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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Not Responsible"
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Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Something's Gotta Give"

Everyone's reeling from Cristina's big decision to quit her job on this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Well, almost everyone. Cristina herself is too busy dancing around her unfurnished apartment, chopping off Callie's hair, and contemplating life as a "mall person" to have time to explain why she left Seattle Grace.

After a pretty tame season romance-wise (and that's saying a lot for this show), we finally get a few sparks! Jackson has eyes for Lexie, Teddy shares longing looks with an unexpected hospital visitor, and Alex and April get close. To chat about all the happenings (and how Alex screwed things up), just


  • While Teddy's in the midst of giving a patient presentation, her assembly turns into a grilling session about what she did to make Cristina quit. Derek is especially angry, putting the blame on Teddy for giving Cristina too much responsibility. The bickering continues throughout the episode, but eventually Meredith convinces the doctors to discuss it at Cristina's impromptu house warming party. Derek beats the rest of the gang to the punch though, and sympathizing with Yang from his own brush with unemployment, takes her to the roof where they only talk about home décor. Sooner or later Cristina is going to have to face the consequences, but for now, it's a refreshing change to see her have a sweet moment with Derek (since those are usually reserved for his wife).
  • Let's rewind back to Cristina's party: since Callie's got some time off (not being in Africa and all), she decides to pay Yang a visit to make sure she's OK. Cristina, packing a new "I do what I want" attitude, takes Callie under her wing, convincing her to take a risk and chop off her hair. When Cristina's styling skills prove to be nonexistent, they head to the mall where Cristina contemplates her new life as a civilian and decides to throw a housewarming party. Meanwhile, Callie asks Mark if she can move in with him while her apartment is being subletted. It seems like an innocent request . . . until we saw the scenes from next week's episode.
  • Ugh, Alex. After last week's episode, we all knew that April was developing a crush on Karev. I just didn't realize how soon it would come to fruition (and how quickly it would come to an end). April's psyched when she and Karev are assigned to work together in peds, since it means she can ogle him and shower him with compliments. They bond in the face of jerky Dr. Stark, who steals one of Karev's better ideas and passes it off as his own.
  • When April promises tell the Chief the truth and tells Alex that he's great, he goes in for the kiss . . . and a whole lot more. Seriously, why do they immediately go from first kiss to sex? Couldn't they wait to go somewhere more private later? No matter though, because when April asks Karev to go slow for her first time, Alex explodes and says he can't be expected to hold April's "virgin hand." Ouch. No wonder she shows up to Cristina's party in tears, but Jackson is there to deck Alex. Twice.
  • Speaking of Jackson, his actions aren't entirely chivalrous. Sure, he's defending the honor of his "one friend," but he's also releasing pent-up tension about his performance at work. He's convinced that none of the doctors want to work with him, and his paranoia comes to a head when one of Bailey's patients dies on his watch. Little does he know that Bailey is praising him back at the hospital while he's in the midst of punching Alex (and flirting with Lexie!).
  • As Meredith patches Alex up, we learn that he's all messed up because he recently found out that his brother (remember him?) is a schizophrenic. OK, I get it, Alex has family issues and Izzie issues. That still doesn't really take away the sting of the way he lashes out at April.

Do you like the idea of Lexie with Jackson? Personally I'd rather see her back with Mark, leaving April free to date Jackson (she deserves better than Karev). Were you surprised by Karev's outburst? Let's chat in the comments, then hit the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group for even more!

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AnaMC AnaMC 5 years 28 weeks
I have zero sympathy for April. She was warned, she was playing with fire and got burned. Move on. I don't care. I feel for Alex. This guy can't catch a break. Loving the Cris/Derek & Cris/Callie interactions. It's great to see Cristina deal with someone outside of Meredith. I enjoyed, loved, and was thrilled of watching Derek smack Teddy down. That was a release.
care0531 care0531 5 years 28 weeks
Alex was a jerk but that wasn't really him....I see a disorder of some sort coming in his future...with his family history and the way he has been behaving I see it all as a set up of some sort. I totally saw the hook up that is coming between Mark and Callie. I still don't see it being too much more than friends with benefits. Christina is off her rocker and I never really liked Owen but he is growing on me and I have no idea why he is with her.
wytang627 wytang627 5 years 28 weeks
I try really hard to like Alex.... but its getting harder and harder.... He's a jerk... after all these years, we only got a tiny glimps of "Good" alex.... come on writers! give the guy a break!
stephley stephley 5 years 28 weeks
I like the Derek & Christina thing – she needs to feel her way back to normal. Wouldn’t want those doctors operating on me while they argued though.
zeze zeze 5 years 28 weeks
I haven't watched Grey's in like 15 episodes, starting last season, I watched last night and I think its actually good again. Karev is so believable as the A-hole who still gets the best, most decent girls - like I can see how I would fall for him knowing all the crappy things he's done just because his good side is soooo soo good. What he did to April was horrible and I am so glad Jackson destroyed him. I'm also more excited about the preview than the episode, I have been dying for Mark and Callie! I never, ever saw her as a lesbian and I hated that storyline - I am hoping they dont make the Mark thing just a drunk moment of rebound. And it's so weird that Shepard is still hot, but at the same time he reminds me of my dad - seems so wrong, lol.