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Gym Bag


Heading out to the gym for some cardio and strength training, but I though I would take a few moments to show you what's in my Core 360 bag:

  • Nike Zoom Sister sneakers — great for strength training
  • Lightweight wicking socks by Under Armour
  • Oiselle running knickers aren't just for running!
  • Tank with shelf bra (enough support for the elliptical, but not the treadmill) by Polar heart rate monitor — I love to see the number of calories I burned
  • iPod Nano. The clip is so handy for workouts
  • Earbuds by iFrogz — they stay in my ears and really block out noise
  • Water bottle — cause you gotta stay hydrated!
Dori Dori 5 years 28 weeks
Where are the Snickers wrappers?!! Tee-hee! Oh, that's right - it's not MY gym bag. This bag makes me want to go work out!