Saved 4/26/08 to Hi! Let's Eat!!


You are a pathetic woman. All of your lies and all that you have done to injure others, is finally beginning to catch up to you. Your mask is falling, and you are realizing that there are many times now that you can't control your thoughts or your emotions. Many people are laughing behind your back. They are calling you the very same disgusting names that you have called others that you felt were not giving you the constant attention that you so desperately need. You have very serious mental problems, and you try to escape your insane thoughts, but you are unable to do so, because the massive amount of random thoughts that you harbor does not even allow you to sleep. You've made the mistake of sharing your evil actions with others that you thought would never betray you. You were wrong! You have been betrayed, and soon everyone will know about all that which you have single handedly orchestrated for the benefit of only yourself. You have only the emotional maturity of a fairly bright 6 year old. Your emotions are limited. you have no conscience, and it is very difficult for you to even understand boundaries, let alone abide by them. You do understand fear. Now is the time to fear that all are about to view and will anxiously await the moment that you will have pay for the havoc that you have caused in so many innocent lives. I bet that you thought that you were covering all of your bases when you devised plans to hurt others. You should have given that a great deal more thought. the world is full of pathological liars like yourself. they all believe all of their lies, and they all believe that they are too smart to ever get caught. In time, most of them are not only caught, but also forced to pay for the damage that they have done with all of those lies. You understand shame. You are about to crawl away alone carrying that shame along with you, because the very people that you have encouraged to plead your case, will be the same people that will see you for the vile creature that you really are. It's a funny thing about a liar, somehow along the way, they tend to forget which lies they told to which people. Most importantly though, the liar always thinks that his secrets are always safe. Not this time my dear. Enjoy your evening!