It's a Geeky Halloween!
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Halloween Geek Style - Let Your Party Light Shine!
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May I Suggest a Mullet?

Halloween Geek Style?  I'm full of it!  Mullets are difficult to top, "Business up front - Party in the back," afterall, but Jersey Shore Snooki's aren't bad, either.  Leopard print hoochie dress, big, big 'styled hair' wig, knock off bag, and don't forget a wad of gum.  Dance, dance, dance! That's what I say.  There's always the trailer house couple but my favorite duo this year?  Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse!  To-geth-ah!?!  Uoh-muh-god!  Sweet!  Ideas?  Quick, quick, now, don't delay.  Geeks must move quickly, there's that chance we might stumble; probably taking more than one bus; can't help the fact we actually 'read' about global warming... SO GET GOING!  The whole world can't 'Queen of Hearts', you know!