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A Healthy Family after Baby (or anytime for that matter)

My husband and I have recently started getting back on track with eating healthy and working out...I for one, always have worked out and been a pretty healthy. Prior to having a child, I was always at a healthy weight for my body type...I am not a little petite person, I have hips and behind...but I have always been smaller up top. After having a very difficult pregancy and even more difficult post-pregnancy, I found myself with what I have called my double stomach (as in double chin) that I did not previously have...and a new body that did not respond to the working out a eating healthy plan that I had always followed.

After about a year...I realized that I had to try something else. That my Tae Bo, Turbo Jam circuits WERE NOT doing it.
I have a closet full of clothes for my old self, that I spent ALOT OF time and money working on...that I refuse to just give away, and I am NOT starting over.
So, I did some research. We started shopping at an Organic supermarket, all the white flour products were thrown out for whole grain products. I have some sweets in the house, but of a more healthful variety. I loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies. We joined the gym, together. We both pleged to go 5 days a week, every week, unless there was some very good reason we could not make it, and we went to it.

Two weeks later, it has been two weeks since we joined the gym...much longer since the healthy food was introduced...we both feel much better, have been energy. My husband, since the food changes, has lost almost 20 lbs. Me,only about 5, but I have much less weight to lose than he does.

So I challenge, you, make better choices in what you eat. Get up, exercise, move your body,and burn some calories and least 4 times a week. Eat more, smaller, healthier meals per day. Cut out some of the overprocessed foods you eat,and replace them with natural and organic products.
Watch your mood, energy levels, and waistline change.
And most importantly...see your health improve.
What is the point in building a family, if you cannot be around as long as you can to watch them grow!

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klynnmorton klynnmorton 8 years 48 weeks
Uh, A...we did join the Y...just the one closer to our house B...Let me ask the Mister. And as far as your clothes being tight...they are not tight. You look good...beware, people can be hateful. Boss or no boss...and I would tell you if your stuff was "too" tight, as in, inappropriate for work tight. Come on now...really. ...GET OUTTA BED, THERE'LL BE NO MORE NAPPING!
hvnly34 hvnly34 8 years 48 weeks
So you know we're mad you didn't join the Y. (That is A) and when do you plan on coming with me to the prep kitchen (That is B. After Cookie gets acclimated to our house, Trell and I are going to work out more. I was telling my boss about an altercation between 2 teachers and describing how one of the teachers wears clothers that are kind of tight - she stopped me to say that sometimes the stuff I wear is pretty tight. Now you have seen what I wear to work, so I was pretty surprised. I told her, well maybe I was trying to wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes a little too soon...