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Feed Yourself! 10 Tips For Introducing Finger Foods
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10 Healthy Spring Treats For Tots

The warmer weather also tends to inspire families to stock their refrigerators with produce as the farmers markets and grocery stores begin to stock more local options. While some mamas go organic in hopes of providing their families with the best possible foods, doing so can be a real drag on the purse strings. The Environmental Working Group (the same group that issues the annual Dirty Dozen list of foods that should be bought organic), recently issued their Clean 15 – a list of produce items that are least likely to be affected by chemicals used during the growing process, reducing the need to buy organic. We've rounded up 10 of them that should make their way onto your Spring menus.

Healthy Foods for KidsAsparagusWatermelonMangoPeasCornEggplantPineappleSweet PotatoCabbageAvocado
goishylewis goishylewis 4 years 2 weeks
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Rachel-Assuncao Rachel-Assuncao 5 years 11 weeks
Great article. Really fun ideas for healthy treats for kids. I can't wait to try out the watermelon cupcakes. What's with the consistent mention of 'it's ok to eat non-organic because of the low pesticide contamination'? The pesticides in in the food aren't the only concern - the health of the farmers and our environment are equally important. Also, in the case of corn, if it isn't organic, it's likely GMO (95% is!). That has huge health concerns too.