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Heidi Klum Has Pregnant Women Covering Up in Overalls

The overall is moving off the farm and into pregnant women's wardrobes this Fall. When Heidi Klum introduces the Fall collection of her Loved by Heidi Klum line for Motherhood Maternity next month, one of the key pieces she'll be featuring is a traditional pair of overalls ($45) with extra space for a growing belly. The denim option eliminates the need for uncomfortable elastic bands across the stomach and keeps clothes neat, but is it practical for an expectant mama who is heading to the bathroom every few minutes?

One piece maternity outfits have been making a splash over the past few seasons with Alicia Keys sporting a romper while performing on live television and both bodysuits and jumpsuits popping up in maternity stores. We've rounded up some one-piece outfits below. Take a look and let us know what you think of this growing trend.

3 years 34 weeks
WOW you people are idiots.... Overalls are comfortable and easy..... they dont press on your expanding belly.... geez.... get a life and find something else to complain about.... pregnant women need comfort!
4 years 2 weeks
I actually like wearing overalls when pregnant especially when in my last trimester. Unfortunately, I cannot find any maternity overalls anywhere except Walmart and they look horrible. I am anxiously awaiting these to hit the store so that I can purchase a couple pair. Does anyone know exactly when these will be hitting the store?
laluna27 laluna27 4 years 6 weeks
Such a cop-out! She might as well put pregnant women in moomoos if she is going to try and sell these!
Studio16 Studio16 4 years 6 weeks
I stopped wearing overalls when I was roughly 10. No way in hell you could get me to put them back on again. In all future pregnancies, I want to be as chic as Betty Draper was in season 3 of Mad Men. I see no need for skin-tight bodycon dresses, but I don't see the need for frumpy overalls like those.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 4 years 6 weeks
I had a friend who wore overalls almost every day during her pregnancy (then again, she was so cute that she'd look good in a potato sack). She said they were the easiest way for her to deal with her big belly, and that she didn't want to buy any more maternity clothes than she absolutely needed.
starbucks2 starbucks2 4 years 6 weeks
Not practical and not cute. You'd have to wear a bodysuit underneath, too because I can't imagine a shirt would be staying down...
4 years 6 weeks
Ugh. Overalls should be only for toddlers and farmhands. I wore them as a child, and distinctly remember how difficult it was to go to the bathroom and keep the straps from dipping into the toilet.
runningesq runningesq 4 years 6 weeks
There is one pregnant woman in the world who could pull off denim overalls without looking frumpy -- and that's Heidi Klum !