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A Hesitant Haircut: Advice When it Comes to Choosing a New Stylist?

I am flirting with the idea of switching salons, the only problem is I am a bit hesitant to try a new stylist.  My budget doesn't exactly call for trial and error, so the one I choose has to work out. I did my research and checked out the websites of the salons I'm most interested in, however, I am a little overwhelmed. Do you guys have any advice when it comes to choosing a new stylist? Please share....





Carri Carri 5 years 32 weeks
Try finding someone who shares your same type of style. I've only had one bad haircut, and that was by a lady whose hair and overall style was completely opposite of mine!
adtafoya adtafoya 5 years 33 weeks
Thank you guys for all the great tips! Looks like asking around is the way to go, glad I didn't go solely off what I read on online. haha Annie, I'm right there with you, way way too long since my last cut!
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years 33 weeks
I used to look at Yelp, but then I got burned a few times. It's hard to gauge style from reviews; some people love a soft, feminine cut and others prefer something edgy. So now I just ask people where they go. Unfortunately, the last two people I asked get their hair cut out of town. Aaaaaagh! (Sincerely, She Who Has Not Had A Haircut Since February)
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 5 years 33 weeks
I usually try to do my own hair, but sometimes you do need a stylist. Word-of-mouth has always been the best way to find one that will most likely leave me with a happy result. Ask around. Who do you know that always seems to have great looking hair? What kind of look are you going for? Is great color really important to you? I don't necessarily think the internet is a bad way to go about your research, but word-of-mouth has always been my best bet.
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 5 years 33 weeks
Many salons will give you a free consultation with a stylist before you commit to see if their style is similar to yours. Stop people in the street with hair similar to yours. Good luck, it is hard to find a stylist you like; agree with WeTheLiving that it can be tougher than a new OB/GYN.
IluvGodard IluvGodard 5 years 33 weeks
I think it is very scary to switch stylists, you have to really find a person who know how to work with your hair type, texture, etc. I have been going to my stylist for the past 7 years and have followed him to the different salons he has worked at. He always knows what to do with my hair and isn't afraid to say no to me when I want a certain style that he knows will not work for my hair type. I would recommend asking friends or family, don't go to those expensive Hollywood salons because of the name, sometimes those stylists are not as talented as they portray.
msame msame 5 years 33 weeks
I think online research is somewhat helpful. At least this way, you get an idea of the atmosphere and general style of cuts produced on average at said salon. If you can narrow down to a few salons that you would like to try, the receptionist can help you further narrow down to a specific stylist. Tell him/her your hair type and the kind of cut you are looking for, and you just might find what you're looking for.
WeTheLiving WeTheLiving 5 years 33 weeks
Finding a new hair stylist is even worse than finding a good obgyn. Personally, I wouldn't trust recommendations from online. You have no idea who is posting it, what their hair is like or the type of style they like. I'd get recommendations from friends or family who have a hair type similar to you whose haircuts you frequently like. Not all stylists are good with thick hair or curly hair or edgy cuts and so on. Heck even if you see someone on the street with a great cut, ask them who their stylist is. Most people can even get discounts for recommending someone.