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The King and Queen's New Clothes
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The Hiking Bengal explores So. Cal.

Pan has taken advantage of the great weather around Los Angeles this year. Here are some of pictures of our hikes through the Santa Monica and Angeles Mountains.

The Hiking Bengal explores So. Cal.Santa Anita CanyonSanta Anita CanyonSanta Anita CanyonEscondido CanyonEscondido CanyonPasadenaPasadenaSanta MonicaSanta MonicaSanta Monica
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kpalomin kpalomin 4 years 36 weeks
Pan is a Bengal cat
LeeLee65 LeeLee65 4 years 44 weeks
I have never seen a cat like this. He is beautiful!! What kind is he?
workyholic workyholic 4 years 45 weeks
What an athletic cat! Did you have to coax him into wearing the harness?
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 4 years 45 weeks
He's beautiful! Where did you get the leash for him? Was he comfortable wearing it right away or did it take some time for him to get adjusted to it?
TiVo TiVo 4 years 45 weeks
Looks fun! How long did it take to train him to walk with you outdoors?
AvoKiki AvoKiki 4 years 46 weeks
He's so pretty! I might have to try this with my girls some day.
fuzzles fuzzles 4 years 46 weeks
Agree with Lauren. Gorgeous! I wish I could see how Oliver would respond, but *sigh*, his life's mission is to conserve as much energy as possible. I wouldn't be taking him for a walk--more like a drag. While he slept.
kpalomin kpalomin 4 years 46 weeks
Thanks, he works out :)
lauren lauren 4 years 46 weeks
What a beautiful cat!