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The Hill's Star Stephanie Pratt & Tone It Up make pancakes on TV Guide

The Hill's Star Stephanie Pratt & Tone It Up Girls make pancakes on TV Guide.


Protein Pancake Recipe!

  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (organic rice protein or whey).
  • 1/2 banana (mashed)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbs flaxseed
  • Add a handful of fresh or frozen blueberries after the above ingredients are mixed together.


Pour into a pan that has been sprayed with olive oil cooking spray- heat on medium.  Cook one side until you see the little bubbles… just like cooking any pancake! Flip over (careful!) and cook on the other size until the middle is done (peek inside with a fork).

Top with two sliced strawberries and powdered stevia.  ENJOY your protein pancakes!  :)

If you need more carbohydrates, you may add 1-tbs agave on top.


For more recipes like this visit the girls at & join their community on!


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inlove23 inlove23 5 years 45 weeks
Pancakes look so yummy! Defiantly wanna try this!