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Knee-Friendly Hip & Thigh Slimmer

Need a move to help slim down your hips and thighs but can't do squats or lunges because of knee pain? Try this pilates inspired move from fitness expert Jessica Smith to target your hips, thighs and core muscles all at once.


Hip & Thigh Slimmer (it's knee friendly!)Double Leg LiftParallel Passe LiftPasse Lift
JessicaSmithTV JessicaSmithTV 4 years 13 weeks
Hi Manish, As an ACSM and NASM certified trainer I am very aware of the principles of anatomy and physiology. Of course you can't spot reduce, but this move will target the muscles in your hips and thighs (and words like "slimmer hips and thighs" are what most people search for when looking for exercises.) While I am a huge fan of squats and lunges - and do them in a ton of my workouts, there are certain populations who just can't do them.. whether its because of an injury or alignment issue, that isn't something I can diagnose or work with through an online post. Instead, I hope by offering options like this move I can offer people that want to work these areas of their body an alternative exercise that may be more suitable for them.