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Hitting on my Pharmacist?


I have the hugest crush ever on my pharmacist. And I was wondering... is it inappropriate to hit on your pharmacist, the same way it's inappropriate to hit on your doctor?


If it makes a difference, he's close to my age and he's friendly borderline-flirty with me. I think he might have a crush on me too... and he already knows I'm on the pill.


Judy-Lynn Judy-Lynn 4 years 31 weeks
I would flirt more to see where that goes, if he's flirting back then I would invite him to have coffee or drinks
Depraved-Girl Depraved-Girl 4 years 31 weeks
You should definitely have him fill your sex Rx pronto. I bet he'd be all about better f*cking through chemistry. And just think of the free samples!