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Softening Homemade mask
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Honey Facial Mask for Acne & Scarring

I just started using this mask a few weeks ago and I'm a believer already.  I have crazy sensitive skin, acne, and some vicious scarring, and already the scars are fading and my breakouts are diminishing.  It's like a minor miracle, or a major one if you're obsessed with your skin like me.  I was the biggest skeptic ever, but it hasn't irritated my cranky skin a bit.


  • 1 TBSP honey - I used regular honey, nothing fancy
  • 1 tsp ground nutmeg - I used whole nutmeg and then grated it myself
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon


Mix the above together until they form a chocolatey-colored paste, adjusting as you go until you get the consistency you like.  Let sit for about 30 minutes, then rinse off, using the nutmeg crumblies as a natural exfoliant.  Just don't wear a cute shirt while you're doing this, since it'll drip.

Higgles Higgles 1 year 6 weeks
I tried this tonight and 15 min in my face felt like it was burning so I washed it off now my face looks scalded :( help
Mincy15649426 Mincy15649426 2 years 4 weeks
i have dry skin is quite sensitive. i have some acne and scars on my face. do you think this face mask is suitable for my skin. plz do reply...
sherlynloomis sherlynloomis 3 years 16 weeks
Great topic, thanks for taking such good care of this website!
jmoomoo1994 jmoomoo1994 3 years 20 weeks
Oh my goodness thank you sooo much for posting about this!! I feel your pain!! This mask has REALLY helped me. My scars are fading fairly quickly and also my acne isnt popping up. I have naturally oily skin and this mask seems to dry it out a little, so i would definantley use a moisturizer like Cetaphil. Im excited :-)
sonjabe44 sonjabe44 4 years 31 weeks
Previously, I used soap and I would get breakouts occasionally. Then I tried Neutrogena which made me break out badly and I stopped using it after a week and went back to soap. Then I did some research online and decided to try Lady Soma's Antioxidant Berry mask and what a great purchase. Once per day, I have been using Lady Soma's Antioxidant Berry mask and it has been great to me. It has not only prevented breakouts, but it is also clearing out the little white heads that were on my forehead (I have oily skin) and blemishes. It's not a harsh product either and feels rather mild. I can see why everyone loves this mask!
katyboo katyboo 6 years 13 weeks
Just be careful with the cinnamon - I ended up with some burns on my face after about 5 minutes of having the mask on, and it took about 30 minutes and some moisturizer to subside. Now, I have really sensitive skin, and I even used a little less than was called for of each of the spices... I guess my point is, yes, my skin felt very smooth afterwards, but I'd be hesitant to use it again for the cinnamon issue...
Sara-Smile Sara-Smile 6 years 20 weeks
OMG you poor thing ; my brother had vicious scarring from acne too ; i'll tell him about this mask. TY
tankgirl45 tankgirl45 6 years 20 weeks
i just made this and put it on my face. i have scarring and very sensitive skin. it smells good, theres nothing in it to really irritate your skin, other than the fact it looks like you smeared poopies all over your face, im excited to see the outcome of this.