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Do You Use Hotel Babysitting Services?

"Vacation, all I ever wanted. Vacation, had to get away!" In the dead of Winter, a vacation away from the home you have been cooped up in for the past few months can seem like heaven. New surroundings and a beach or ski slopes that will keep the family busy throughout the day could be just what the doctor ordered to beat the Winter blues.

But mom and dad sometimes need a little break of their own. Once the kiddos hit the sack, some parents sit in the hotel bathroom reading books or surfing the web, while others call in the reserves – resort childcare – to give them an opportunity to explore restaurants, casinos and more adult-friendly nightlife. The pre-interviewed, CPR-trained babysitters can help put your children to sleep or can come after they have already called it a night, giving mama and pops a little vacation of their own.

Would you use a resort's babysitting services while on vacation?

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4 years 33 weeks
They're not all that thorough. Casual background check and references. REALLY easy to get around. No, I would not use them.
4 years 33 weeks
Yes I would. I think it's actually safer than many options because of the huge liability that's involved. No hotel wants to be sued, or have the media coverage that goes into child neglect or abuse. I am sure that they are extremely thorough in background checks and checking references, simply because it's too much of a risk not to be.
jenni5 jenni5 4 years 33 weeks
I've always been to scared to leave my kids with complete strangers. I don't feel like it's any safer because you're in a hotel.