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How to Choose a Good Nursing Bra?

I had a slightly traumatic experience at my local mall's Mothermood Maternity store. I should have known it wouldn't be a good experience since that store only has clothes that make pregnant woman look fat instead of preggers. But I had a mission to try on nursing bras, so I thought it couldn't be that bad. Boy was I wrong. Not only were their bras unsupportive and not that easy to use, they were the most unsexy pieces of underwear I've ever seen. Not that I need to look like a Victoria's Secret model while feeding my babe, but seriously, I felt so unattractive and frustrated, I just left the store.

I'm wondering if any of you moms-to-be have any advice on where to get good nursing bras that are easy to use, supportive, and not too pricey. I'd also be interested in knowing good places to get nursing camis. Also, how do I know what size to get? I'm 36 weeks now and would rather get some bras before the baby comes because bra shopping is the last thing I want to do after I give birth. Thanks!

MonkiChriz MonkiChriz 4 years 7 weeks
I LOVE the Target nursing tanks. I now have four of them and actually keep doing laundry so I always have clean ones. I wish I ordered more. I never use my nursing bras. The big thing is that they cover your tummy and kept me warm in the winter (my son was born at the end of October). I was an XS before having my son and my tanks are now all M (doesn't help that I'm having trouble losing the baby weight). If you get a nursing bra - go up 2 cup sizes. The Target nursing tanks are comfortable, great support, easy to snap on and off, cheap, and durable. And get them online - I could never find them in the stores in my size. In a pinch, you can always wear tank tops with the built in bras and just push it down.
4 years 7 weeks
I agree with everybody's suggestion of the Gilligan and O'Malley stuff from Target. I also LOVE the Medela Comfort Nursing bras. They come in S, M, L, etc. so you don't have to guess your exact size. They are supportive but also comfortable for sleeping. recently had them on sale for $24. They are simple- not sexy- but they look nice under clothes and are comfortable.
4 years 7 weeks
Oops - meant to put in that I have the full sling long nursing tanks. The side one looks a bit looser.
4 years 7 weeks
I had to go and look at the label of mine! I'm really petite and usually wear size small, but I bought a large because my boobs were HUGE and I wanted full coverage. They're also kind of lean cut and snug, so if you think you may be a bit self-conscious with your post-partum body (and who isn't?), you may want to order larger than your usual size. I recommend the black, since the white and heather colors will show milk leakage like there's no tomorrow.
Beaner Beaner 4 years 7 weeks
Cool, I think I'll order some of those Gilligan & O'Malley Target nursing tanks. Do they run big, small, or true to size?
Livvy-P Livvy-P 4 years 7 weeks
Bela BumBum had some beautiful nursing bras (and matching undies) when I had my last baby (3 years ago). Here is a link: It's not cheap, but it's beautiful and really well made!
4 years 7 weeks
For right now, just pick up some nursing tanks and sleep bras. Your breast size will change pretty dramatically once your milk comes in, and that is the time to check out nursing bras. Get the MM store to measure you properly - a good fitting bra is essential. Victoria's Secret actually DOES make nursing bras, but I've found that the generic Target nursing bras (I love underwire for heavy milk boobies) are comfortable and supportive, and some even come with lace. Don't forget washable breast pads, and just grab a new mesh lingerie bag to store the used ones in so you can just toss them in the wash without worrying about them snagging or sticking to velcro.
4 years 7 weeks
I bought a nursing bra, but of course it was in the wrong size because I used my pre delivery size and added a cup. That was wrong. I loved the target nursing tanks. They could be worn alone, or under anything. They covered my stomach and gave me some support when my nipples hurt so bad in the beginning that I left the cups open for air. The also come in several colors and you don't have to get the exact size, so when you get bigger when you milk comes in, you didn't waste money. There really aren't any "sexy" nursing bras. You can use a regular bra that has a front hook if you want, but buying a a size before your milk comes in, means it will probably not fit after. I recommend a couple of tanks till you are comfortable and know what is going on.
starbucks2 starbucks2 4 years 7 weeks
H&M has some nice nursing camis that are only like 20$...but I don't know if you have a store near you. I bought two really cheap nursing bras that I never wore. I actually had simple cotton bras that I would just push to the side. They kinda looked like sports bra, althought they didn't have any support. Not too sexy either, but I didn't really care about that anyway.
Beaner Beaner 4 years 7 weeks
Ooh, good to know. Are these tanks true to size? Do they run big or small?
babysugar babysugar 4 years 7 weeks
Hi Beaner! So sorry to hear about your experience! Before you go shopping again, check out our little tutorial for buying a first nursing bra here. I have to second the Target nursing tanks - I ordered mine online from them - they were inexpensive and worked great! And if they don't fit, you can always send them back!
0danielle0 0danielle0 4 years 7 weeks
Google search: Gilligan & O'Malley® Womens Full Sling Long Nursing Tank Black. Those are my fav {can't be the price!} and Target has free shipping when you spend over $50. :)
Beaner Beaner 4 years 7 weeks
I wish I lived near a Target! You think department stores would have them? There is a specialty lingerie shop near my house that I'm told carries them, but I'd rather not spend $50+ on a nursing bra.
0danielle0 0danielle0 4 years 7 weeks
Good question! I've heard Bravado nursing bras are great. Since you don't know exactly what size you'll be once your milk comes in, look for bras that fit a range of sizes like 36-40 D/DD. Also, Target has great nursing tanks. I have some Glamourmom tanks ($$$) that aren't anywhere near as comfy as my $16.99 Target tanks. Good luck!