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How Comfortable Are You Being Seen Naked?


This is is a joint posting from me (Venus1) and my sister, following a conversation over a bottle of wine last night.

It's interesting how even in the same cultures, attitudes to our own bodies are so different.  Personally, my sister and I were brought up in France in a naturist family, aside from our puberty years (long ago now) we were both relaxed about our bodies as a result, although mine is far from perfect.  A group of us still frequents a naturist beach regularly.  We love the freedom feeling.  I could never really get into the logic of getting dressed to go swimming, although I do of course own a bikini, a swimming cossie and several bikini bottoms.

That said, we are aware not everyone feels the same and always take care not to offend others.

What's your attitude to your own naked body?  How do you think your upbringing/culture influenced you?

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Shelia14564764 Shelia14564764 2 years 51 weeks
around my babe ya but in public no at home with my babe yes at a party maybe
ltoya ltoya 5 years 36 weeks
I have never really been comfortable naked. I have always been insecure with my body. However, with my guy I feel comfortable walking around naked. I didn't used to even want to have sex without my bra on and the lights off, but I am a lot more open now.
GregS GregS 5 years 49 weeks
Other than that twitch you developed. :) Shame about your dad nixing it that way. I was a secret nudist growing up, I think. I spent a fair amount of time as I was born. Which reminds me. You all do know we weren't born with clothing. Clothing was something we invented for protection from the elements.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years 50 weeks
I'm very comfortable being naked... as far as body issues, I just cross my fingers and hope whoever is seeing me notices my positives first. As far as how my upbringing influenced me, my mom let me and my brother run around naked- in front of our picture window facing the street- until my dad yelled at her about it. After that nudity was a bad bad thing. I don't think that has had any negative effect on me though.
inlove23 inlove23 5 years 51 weeks
For me, I guess I am pretty comfortable about it. I change in front of friends, but I make sure they can't see too much (genitals/nipples), but it doesn't really bother me. However, I'm not a boastful person when it comes to nudity. I know people who love showing everything off even though others around them feel awkward.
Venus1 Venus1 5 years 51 weeks
Greenie, I can empathise with you. Several years ago someone who I thought I could trust posted a picture of my sister and me on the Internet. It was nothing graphic, just the tow of us naked in the sea. The worst bit was you had to rate us on the site. The scores were actually good but that is not the point. We did not opt for this and had others fond it this could have cost me my job! Not nice.
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 5 years 51 weeks
I think as far as nudity (in itself), I'm pretty darn relaxed. If I could get away with it more often, I would. I was brought up in the Catholic/Christian tradition, basically being told that noone sees you naked except your husband/wife....or your parents when you were a little kid. But I never really bought in to that. In reality, however...I'm not very comfortable. I've got a host of body issues that I need to take care of even just going out IN clothes, so I can imagine the kind of hassle it would be to strut my nekkid stuff about town in a regular sense. For example, I've never worn a bikini/swimsuit. Never. But I did participate in nude photography once. That only happend because I had sufficient time to prepare, and, well, only happend once. So, I guess I like nudity in prinicple, and wish I had the normalness to do it more often.