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How Do I Deactivate My Account?

While we hope that you will always remain a loyal member of the PopSugar Network, we'll understand if you need to disable your account. Please email your deactivation request with any feedback as to why you would like to close your account to A confirmation email will be emailed to you after your account has been deactivated. Please know that your account is affiliated with the PopSugar Network, PopSugar City, OnSugar, and ShopStyle, which will disable your access from all three sites. You can always reactivate your account with the same member name if you should decide to come back in the near future.

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onlyexception onlyexception 3 years 31 weeks
I can't have it because I don't like having so many e-mails.My use of this website was temporary. My decision is final. Thank You.
ponyunicorn ponyunicorn 4 years 1 day
I hope this is where I can deactivate my PopSugar account. I can't have it because I don't like having so many e-mails. My decision is final. Thank You.