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Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity Dad?
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How Do I Delete My Profile?

When deleting a profile, please click on the Contact link

1.)Fill out your request (you can check the 'send me a copy' box if you want to receive a copy of the request as well

2.)Click send email

3.)Team will send a verification email to you to make sure you want to delete your profile

4.)Confirm whether you want Team to delete your profile

5.)Once we receive your request, we can deactivate your account

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Npaut Npaut 1 year 35 weeks
Please I want to delete my account
gzmgnr gzmgnr 2 years 3 weeks
Please delete my account
KassyFischer1377621492 KassyFischer1377621492 2 years 39 weeks
Wow!! It amazes me how little people pay attention to what they're reading! The post clearly says to send an email, not give them your user name in the comments. I don't know why I'm surprised by how stupid people are. Happens more and more every day it seems. :-)
danixk danixk 2 years 45 weeks
please delete my account
Mimi-Lee-Darla Mimi-Lee-Darla 2 years 48 weeks
please delete my account. username mimi lee darla
emilyquinn78 emilyquinn78 3 years 1 week
Please delete my account
Julietteduran Julietteduran 3 years 9 weeks
Delete my account
CeliacFashionista CeliacFashionista 3 years 35 weeks
PLEASE Delete my Account my username is Celiac_Fashionista. PLEASE Please delete cancel--whatever you want to call it--my account!!
AHHUI AHHUI 4 years 18 weeks
Hi , i would like my account to be deleted. Acc name is AHHUI.
siowquen siowquen 4 years 23 weeks
hi , i would like my account to be deactivate too , username siowquen
Above-Rubies Above-Rubies 4 years 38 weeks
I would like to deactivate my account my username is above rubies
lynhanis lynhanis 4 years 44 weeks
Hi, I want to deactivate my account as well, thank you. My username is lynhanis
joanloves joanloves 4 years 46 weeks
Hi, please delete my account. My username is joanloves. Thank you.
Hails22 Hails22 5 years 5 weeks
Please delete my account my username is Hails22
lifeisprecious lifeisprecious 5 years 8 weeks
Delete my account please, ASAP! My username is lifeisprecious.
Zeeyqa Zeeyqa 5 years 8 weeks
delete my account please.
Katsura Katsura 5 years 18 weeks
Please delete my account too. Thanks
SmartyBrenda SmartyBrenda 5 years 19 weeks
thissiteequalseww thissiteequalseww 5 years 24 weeks
Delete my account pls
Tonii2010 Tonii2010 5 years 31 weeks
I will like mine deleted as well
fhana fhana 5 years 37 weeks
pls delete mine too thanks. user, fhana
Chez-Kaori Chez-Kaori 5 years 37 weeks
i wanna delete mine as well. user : Chez Kaori
sofiefie sofiefie 5 years 47 weeks
i'd like mine to be deleted as well .
Ameliatst Ameliatst 6 years 4 days
delete mine too pls.
deniseangelafab deniseangelafab 6 years 6 weeks
please do delete my account : deniseangelafab is my username ! thank you !