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How I use my cream eyeliner ...


I mentioned on Friday I would show everyone how I used my cream liner. Cream liners are the best, they don't smudge, and the texture makes them really easy to work with even for newbies.

Although my cream liner comes with a liner brush, which works quite well.. I recently started using my pencil liner as an applicator/brush. This is what I did:

Take a black pencil, and just dip it into the cream liner, for MAC's Fluidline, or Bobbi Brown's gel liners.

The pencil should look like this, you don't need a lot of product!

And done!
The reason why I find (personally) the pencil into the cream liner method works for me is because it gives me the width I want for the liner, I just need to draw a line with it. With the brush, because it is rather fine tip, I have to go over the line several times.

Hope you find this helpful!

Thanks for watching!

Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 7 years 35 weeks
I'll try that tip later, thanks! __________________________________ dah dah daadaah dadah.... tequila!
areidz areidz 7 years 35 weeks
Great application tip! Thanks! :)
carrieann9016 carrieann9016 7 years 35 weeks
I have never tried gel liner!
lily8206 lily8206 7 years 35 weeks
Hmmm. I love gel/cream liners but have always used a brush... I think I'm going to try this method tomorrow! :)
bluesuze bluesuze 7 years 36 weeks
My thoughts' the same as Martini's - I would have never have thought of that! I'll try it and see what I think. Thanks!
HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 7 years 36 weeks
I'll try it your way. I hope it works.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 7 years 36 weeks
Wow, what an ingenious idea!!! I had never thought of that! I will try it!
lucyS lucyS 7 years 36 weeks
Great suggestion. I like the pencil idea and will have to try it. I've been using the Stila smudge pots, and you're right, with the little brush you have to go over the line a few times.
kahribar kahribar 7 years 36 weeks
I have yet still to try gel at all, maybe now I will!!
sofi sofi 7 years 36 weeks
wow- great application technique. I like my brush but I must see how this works for me, too :)
eu eu 7 years 36 weeks
Thank you for sharing this with us retail_therapy. I also have cream liner but usually use the brush that came with it. Today I'll try it your way.