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How Necessary is Primer?

For no particular reason, I've always avoided makeup primer. I just never thought I needed it. However, a few friends have been insisting that I at least try it (they swear by it). Honestly, it just seems like a pointless reason to spend $40. What you guys think? How necessary is a primer? If I must try one, where do I even begin? What do you use? Help!

Stephanie14416164 Stephanie14416164 3 years 5 weeks
dose this affect your skin anyway
ashleigh07 ashleigh07 5 years 11 weeks
i actually like no foundation foundation by dr perricone. it is skincare and makeup in one. it has dmae and alpha lipoic acid so it's taking care of your pores, firming, hydrating and makes any makeup look better. a lot of the time i wear it by itself.
TheFashionistaChic TheFashionistaChic 5 years 14 weeks
Yes smashbox is the best
mona912 mona912 5 years 22 weeks
Primer is a must for me. It helps applying foundation smoothly and makes my makeup last all day. I'm using several and the one I've been using is Hourglass Primer and Too Faced Poreless Primer which were both recommended by this salesgirl at Sephora. I used others like Laura Mercier and Lorac. I didn't like them as much. I'm a sucker for new cosmetics. I would browse Sephora like there's no tomorrow. Next primer I have in mind is the Smashbox. I have a sample but haven't try it yet.
lori-Jerles lori-Jerles 5 years 26 weeks
PRIMER is a goooood thing! It makes ur skin look flawless! Give it a try! :) + THIS one is pretty good, but the SmashBox is THE best! :)
Tabloid Tabloid 5 years 27 weeks
I use to skip primer too but I realized it help your foundation look more flawless and it also control the oil on my face.
adtafoya adtafoya 5 years 27 weeks
thanks guys! I am slowly realizing that primer is a must lol. I think I'm going to try the one pictured. :)
ncarolinagirl ncarolinagirl 5 years 27 weeks
I got some in a BE trial kit. I really like it, so I thought is try and see what M.A.C. had to offer and I love it. I gave the BE to another mu junkie and now she can't live without it either. So long story short - it really is worth the trouble and I personally love the M.A.C. product. - Sharon
snarkypants snarkypants 5 years 27 weeks
I love primer. I feel like it makes my skin look flawless and it helps foundation go on smoothly. I also think it helps keep my skin from getting dry. I also think it makes blushes blend easier. The trick is finding the right primer. I have a lot of friends who swear by a primer by smashbox that I hate. I am obsessed with color fx. It is the best primer I have ever used! I never wear makeup without it!