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How Often Do You Use the Furminator?

I can't rave enough about the Furminator, both the original and the new deluxe line and this question comes to us from Community Member jennIRL in the Cat Palace group.

I've reached a shedding breakdown (cat hair everywhere, and my vacuum broke!) yesterday, so I finally went to Petco and bought a Furminator, based on the recommendations of pretty much everyone here. (I also bought a new vacuum, but I'm hoping not to have to use it nearly as much, since that's what — aside from being cheap — broke the old one) and everyone was right, this thing is the best. Hobbes likes to roll around on the ground and have his belly scratched, and every single time I come away with handfuls of hair. But he did this after I spent just a couple of minutes on him with the Furminator, and hardly a hair came out. Hallelujah!

So now I'm wondering, how often should I furminate? Is it safe to do daily (or as often as the cats will allow), or should it only be done every now and then? Anyone have any thoughts?

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3 years 43 weeks
I've always had just a regular cat brush and finally, have just HAD it with cat hairs EVERYWHERE! So I gave in and got a FURminator! OMG! I LOVE IT!!! I was a little surprised that it wasn't battery operated when I opened the package. I thought for the price, it was some crazy vibrating, fur stimulating miraculous cat brush. A little glad it was't since my cat would have ran in the other direction, had it made any kind of noise. I FURminated him and got SOOO much fur out, it almost looked like another cat laying there on the floor! WOW!! I'm so excited to see if I notice the difference in hair all over the house! I vacuum and sweep almost everyday due to the teepee's of fur all over the place. My nice couches are covered with sheets so that when people come over I can remove the sheets and not have cat hair all over my friends backs as they leave. I'm sure hoping the battle of the cat fur is over, or at least, I'll be winning and not the fur! :) So far so good! I highly recommend the FURminator. It's worth the investment. :)
JeanninePC99 JeanninePC99 4 years 40 weeks
I alternate between the Furminator and the Kong Zoom Groom. My pup LOVES the Zoom Groom, but I know that he doesn't enjoy the Furminator. So, I'll do a few minutes of Zoom Groom, a few minutes of Furminator, and so on. I try to do it once a week. We'll sit down in front of the TV and have a little session. He gets lots of treats, too. :)
Smacks83 Smacks83 4 years 40 weeks
Best brush EVER!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 4 years 40 weeks
I love that it is now a verb - to "furminate". Is that in the oxford dictionary, haha!
Ellenora Ellenora 4 years 40 weeks
Don't Furminate more than once a week. Doing it more will irritate your pet's skin.
fuzzles fuzzles 4 years 40 weeks
Love the furminator! As a Persian owner, I find the thing to be a miracle! I have found it ideal to use it only once every two weeks or so, coupled with once daily combings.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 4 years 40 weeks
I have not tried the furminator but I just may need to invest in it. My double coated collie/ACD crosses blow their coats twice a year and seem to shed continuously year round. I got the Dyson Animal and I have to say - I'm in love with it. The previous residents of where I live now had 3 large dogs (pitt bull, rotty, and mastiff). When I got the Dyson, it was pulling up fur that was embedded into the carpets from their dogs and I vacuumed almost daily with the old vacuum. It's wonderful - people who know my dogs always ask me how my carpets and furniture are hair-free and I tell them about the Dyson. Justanerd - the Hoover Steam Vac and Oxiclean pets is amazing! Perfect for cleaning up dog messes. It really keeps dog odor out of the carpet.
danakscully64 danakscully64 4 years 40 weeks
I bought the Furminator on eBay for $14, free shipping. I love it, but don't brush my dog that often with it because I'm afraid it irritates her skin. She enjoys it for about 2 minutes, then gets up and walks away. I vacuum daily and pick up enough dog hair in a week to make another Staffordshire :p No joke, I pick up a ball the size of a tennis ball DAILY in my small apartment carpet. The vacuum was about $80 at Target, it's a Bissel. Don't have to buy bags for it, easy to use. I have chinchillas and a rabbit who sheds bad, it's important to have one that can handle pet hair and chinchilla dust.
ladyr ladyr 4 years 40 weeks
I try and use it once a week or so. It works great!
psterling psterling 4 years 40 weeks
I have a furminator for my cats and dog and I love it! I use it on them about once a week and it cuts the pet fur down to a minimum. Plus, everyone is always commenting on how shiny and soft their coats are.
kittyprincess kittyprincess 5 years 41 weeks
I bought a furminator! It works great! I read that you're not supposed to use it daily because it can irritate their skin (afterall, the furminator is very sharp, as I found it cut off one my kitty's whiskers!). I just do it twice a week...she still sheds a lot, but no where near with out it!!
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 5 years 49 weeks
what in the world is a furminator?? have never heard of this.... we had the same problem as you have however, our vac finally died under the preassure too and hubs brought home the Bissel Lift-Off Revolution Pet vac, OMG it s the BEST. It picked up fur that I swear has been laying dormant in the deepest recesses of our carpeting for two years. It was nearly decomposed fur. It was so disgusting, I swear I almost barfed...barfed for joy! ROTFLMAO I was so happy to have my carpets getting actualy cleaned again! I have the nicest, cleanest, lovliest carpets now, after a nice serious vac session and a nice deep-cleaning with the Hoover Steam Vac & some Oxiclean Pets for carpets :)