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How To: Tie a Turban Headband with a Scarf

I love the new turban headband trend! It's a fun look for summer vacation and it's perfect for me because confession: I don't always wash or brush my hair everyday during the summer. : ) The turban look is the perfect way for me to still look presentable, and tame my tangled locks! Here's a step by step picture tutorial on how to tie a turban headband with a scarf!

How To Tie A TurbanFirst step is to get a scarf that is long enough! This scarf was the longest one I had and it has to be long because it's basically going to be wrapped around your head two and half times.
I think the picture is pretty self explanatory but just in case : ) Put the scarf behind your head and take both ends of the scarf in each of your hands.
Cross both ends of the scarf so that it looks like the picture does. Depending on your scarf's material, this part can be kind of tricky! My scarf was silky so it kept sliding around when I did this. Just keep at it and you'll get it in the end.
Now rotate your arms a few degrees counter clockwise so that the scarf is twisted the same way it is in the picture. If you're right handed, your right arm should be up in the air and your left arm should be up in your face.
This part is hard. Without messing up the twist, let go of the scarf and reposition your hands so that you can tie the scarf behind your head. After you tie you scarf, you're done! The end product is a stylish turban on your head. The scarf I picked was a little bit light, but if you use a thick velvety kind of material (it doesn't have to be a scarf, it can just be cloth) then it'll look more "turban-ish". Also, picking a thicker cloth will make the twist in front more noticable too.
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