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How to act/behave with my American boyfriend?

hi there, i came from a different culture, and i live in america now, i have met this guy and we been dating for two weeks , then he asked me to be his girlfriend and i agreed we like each other a lot despite the difference between us ! he used to be a marine, and fight in Iraq! i'm Iraqi and was there during the war, i usually hate the military and blame them for what happened to my country, and he used to hate Muslims, after all what he saw during the war! but we ignored all this, and try not to talk about political because we never agree, what we feel for each other is stronger than anything else, i see him almost everyday cause we go to the same college!

my problem is this is for the first time i be with an american guy!! i need help about how american guys think? how to deal with them, cause the culture here is very different, also until now he didn't say "i love you" so why is that ? he is a very good guy, he knows there's will be a lot of risk for being with me but he says i don't care i will always be at your side, he asked me to go with him to the marines ball but i refused cause i'm not sure how i would feel about this! so i really need tips to help me to be closer to him, and show him that i care about him, what american guys expect from their girlfriends?

P.S i"m 20 years old, and he's 25
also i need you opinion do you guys think our relationship will work?? i really will appreciate every advice.....thank you

wallyp222 wallyp222 2 years 35 weeks
Similar people bond better, IMHO. You two are dramatically different.