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Don't know what to do! my girlfriend is at the vets with the dog now after she had been to the groomers yesterday and this -
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How do I handle my boyfriend's horrible parents? Help!

I've been with my boyfriend for over two years now. He and I hardly have any problems with each other except one thing, his parents. They drive me crazy. I'm not trying to be ignorant, but I'm sure that if you met them as I did, you would understand how awful they truly are, but I will explain how so in the best way I can. We are both seniors and are soon to graduate. We have carefully planned our future together - so it's that serious. Over the time that we were hanging out and going on dates, his stepfather always had a horrible comment to say about me, usually behind my back. My boyfriend has told me every single comment that he has said about me, like "She's a slut for kissing you so much." or "She's not worth anything.". His stepfather was a war veteran and he came back disabled and with traumatic PTSD, which has made him this way. From what I've heard from my boyfriend, his stepdad was basically a manwhore as a child. He was in a gang, did drugs, had  sex with so many girls, and was disowned from his mother. I'm pretty sure he was a bad person to begin with, wouldn't you agree? Ever since I became the girlfriend, I haven't had any bit of respect from him and neither has my boyfriend. He hasn't treated him like a father should. He thought that he would teach my boyfriend a lesson by getting rid of his dog. What kind of parent gets rid of their child's dog in a way of teaching a lesson?! It's ridiculous. Somehow, I was able to deal with that, but now his mother isn't treating us very nicely either.
Over the summer she and my boyfriend had gotten into a car crash. My boyfriend was fine, but his mother - not so much. She got brain damage and she has been trying to get surgery for it, but lately, it has turned her into a complete b****. She gets irritated at every little thing. Just recently, she grounded my boyfriend for changing the tv channel. A freaken tv channel! I tried to talk to her nicely because I was planning on hanging out with my boyfriend to go to the fair at the time. I asked her what happened because I wanted to hear her side of the story. My boyfriend doesn't lie to me because I can always tell when he is, and so far, he hasn't even tried to lie to me, but his mom has lied to me before. When I asked for her story, she replied saying that she didn't remember. I told her what her son told me had happened, and guess what! She automatically remembered by telling me how wrong everything was, but she failed to realize that she was telling me the same story. I asked her "Isn't that a little much to ground him over a tv channel?" because it's just a tv channel! Seriously, it's just immature, like she's trying to make up an excuse for her son not to hang out with me. After that, she just got an attitude with me and I was done.
This isn't the first time that she ticked me off. Last year, my boyfriend didn't want to celebrate his birthday, but I thought it would be bad if he didn't. I eventually changed his mind and he had one. That was the worst party ever. After a few games and cutting the cake, everyone decided to chill out on the couch and play a nice round of Halo. My boyfriend was leaning on my shoulder at the time, and his stepdad comes down and yells at both of us in front of all our friends to move away, that we are too close. We weren't kissing, let alone fondling each other. His mom comes and tries to separate us as well, but my boyfriend actually stood up for us and said "He was a manwhore in high school, that doesn't mean that I will be." and the party ended from there. He was sent to his room grounded, and he started to cut himself, which I know is bad, but I wasn't allowed to see him at that point, so I didn't exactly know what he was doing until I heard his mom screaming at him to move outside. She was complaining about him having an attitude for cutting and she beat him in front of all the guests who were leaving the party, including me. I wanted to kick her butt, but I couldn't because my parents showed up. She is not behaving like a real parent should. You don't yell at your child for cutting or beat them, especially on their birthday, because it won't help them anyways. They need a nice talk for the cutting and at least some freedom to do what they wish on their birthday!
I'm so fed up with how they treat my boyfriend and to me, we don't deserve it. We haven't done anything except a few kisses and those kisses we did at school, not home, so this whole dilemma is real bs. I really think it would be best to leave my boyfriend and get away from his parents, but then again, I don't want to let him suffer from them every day. My boyfriend said that I was the only thing that has made him happy in a long time, and if he lost me, it wouldn't be a good ending. I don't want to leave him, I just need help with parents. I'm at this point where I refuse to converse with his parents and go to his house. He only comes to mine. I'm not doing this because I'm just an ignorant child, I'm in need of serious help and I don't need any discrimination for me being such a thing.

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Don't know what to do! my girlfriend is at the vets with the dog now after she had been to the groomers yesterday and this - Opinions: Pro/Anti Car Window Down with Your Pup in the Car? Cat has a broken leg... Boerboel going bald! My dog is extremely needy! My dog is a jumper... and weighs 90 lbs! OUCH! Any advice for a husky/shepherd mix that is now 1.5 years old?