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How do I know if the non profit jobs on Craigslist are legitimate?

I saw a posting on Craigslist for an environmental organization called "Environment America" (I mentioned it in my first post) under the non-profit section. A lot of the non profit jobs they put up seem to entail canvassing but this one says that it is phone work, which I've done before.

I tried to look them up to see what I can find about them and figure out whether to call and apply or not. The only thing I found is that they work with or are associated with the Fund for the Public Interest ( and this organization has been at the end of some labor disputes. I don't know what to make of this because I'm trying to figure out whether to stay put at my current job or take the chance and go for this, the organization is all over the country and they start/fund a lot of state PIRGs. The job is mainly campaign work via phone, specifically to conserve a local forest or body of water (rivers, oceans).

Should I call them and express my interest or stick with my current job? I'm just looking to get out of it because I'm stuck at a desk "greeting people" and dealing with customers (some not so pleasant). We already had one co-worker leave and I'm sure they won't be hiring again and are increasing my hours  but I was hoping to get a second job that I would transition into instead of quitting without having anything.

I just don't know. I'm earning $10.75 an hour but this other organization is offering up to $15 per hour. It would be awesome to earn that much but I'm not sure what the job entails and how to ask, what if these complaints are real and they overwork people or underpay them? It would be all in vain to switch and then end up with a job  I dislike just like I dislike my current job or worse.

What do I do? 

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ShelleyHFan ShelleyHFan 5 years 11 weeks
Do you mean these guys: ?? I see that they post for jobs all over the country. I don't see anything about phone work (well, one about working as office support) but yea mostly canvassing. Sorry I couldn't help you out more. Hopefully someone else here will!