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Parmesan-Crusted Puffball Mushroom Burgers
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How to make Macaron

The macaron's shop Acide is just steps away from my office in Paris.. A convenient excuse to spend longer time in it, the window display is an eye catcher. The amazing colors and scent are so unexpected. The speciality you may ask ? Malabar ( a french bubble gum to every kid in us ) and this one with citric acid, the classical ones are lemon, orange blossom, or salted butter toffee, very trendy at the moment. The head Patissier Jonathan Biot, former Plaza Athénée , has realised especially for PureTrend à Couture macaron, bespoke if you prefer.A unique chance to follow step by step the making and take some shots for my blog.....

See more pictures on Dig a Cherry !

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Dig-a-Cherry Dig-a-Cherry 4 years 35 weeks
They taste also really good!
girlA girlA 4 years 35 weeks
Wow! Looks amazing!
lauren lauren 4 years 35 weeks
They look great!!!
PinkNC PinkNC 4 years 35 weeks
Looks tasty!