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How to make your own Hoodie tutorial!!

Ok i came across this tutorial i thought i'd share with u guys from and thought its damn cool..even though i haven't ever tried sewing an item of clothing before i may give it a try!!!

So the site says-
so to start things off. my veggietales hoodie. not really a flattering color or print but it's super warm because i lined the entire hoodie, sleeves and all, with flannel.

now onto the tutorial. please read this carefully before asking too many questions. I'll try to be as clear as possible. I directed this tutorial towards someone who has sewn a piece of clothing before. Not going into detail about how to attach sleeves and such but it should be quite simple to figure out.

Materials: 2+ yards of main fabric, .5 yard lining (for hood), 20" or longer separating zipper, .5 yard rib knit fabric, 1 tshirt, it would also be useful to have a hoodie next to you while you're doing this just to make sure things look right.


1. Place the tshirt on top of the fabric. fold the sleeves in and cut out the shape adding about .75" on both sides.

2. Take the piece you just cut out and fold it in half. Lay it over the fabric and cut it out adding 1" - 1.5" to the straight edge. Repeat.

3. Now fold the fabric and along the fold lay the tshirt sleeve down. Adding about .5" to the bottom cut the shape out at whatever length you desire. Repeat.

4. Now you should have 5 pieces. 1 back. 2 front. 2 sleeves. If you don't have this reread steps 1-3.

5. Now we start to sew. Take the back piece and sew the front pieces to it. You should be sewing down the side and along the shoulders. If you were to put this on now it'd be like an ugly vest.

6. Now cut out pockets. Your choice of the size and shape but mine look like this. I take some of the rib knit fabric and cover the edge.

7. Now take your main piece and fold that extra fabric in.

8. Once you've decided where the fold will be unfold and pin the pocket in place. Part of the pocket should overlap the fold. Sew it down.

9. Now that you've sewn it down fold it over again and pin the folds in place.

10. Now sew the bottom band on. The band should be slightly shorter than the whole bottom so you can stretch it a little as you sew. That will give the bottom a slightly snugger fit.

11. Now pin the zipper on under the folds and try it on to make sure the zipper isn't lumpy. Then sew it down. (If you have extra fabric at the neck fold it down like a v-neck)

12. Now onto the sleeves! If you don't have something relatively close to what was shown in the previous picture you might want to reread some steps before moving on. So take your sleeves and sew them so they look like sleeves. (hopefully it's self explanatory)

13. Once you've sewn up the sleeves you can sew them to the main piece. Make sure everything is going in the right direction before sewing. Multiple times I've ended up w/ inside out sleeves.

14. Now sew some cuffs. Then sew them onto the bottom of the sleeve. Didn't really show this but hopefully you can figure it out..

15. Okay we're almost done! Now we move onto the hood. READ THIS PART CAREFULLY I CAN BE A BIT CONFUSING. Look at the previous picture. See that line I drew around the neck.. Measure that. Divide that number in half. That number is the length of the bottom part of the hood. (bottom straight edge in the picture below) The shape of the hood is your choice. Now cut 2 of those out in your main fabric and 2 of those out in the lining. [i forgot to take pictures of the pieces]. Now with the right sides facing each other sew along the green line on the main fabric and the lining. You should have 2 seperate hoods now (one hood is main fabric, one is lining).

16. Now with the right sides of the hoods facing each other, sew along the green line.

17. Turn it right side out and you have your hood. This is the time to add a drawstring thingy if you want. That would be done by poking holes at the bottom and sticking a shoelace/ribbon through.

18. Now sew the hood to the main piece. If you want you can cover this seam because it will be the most visible when you are wearing it.

19. YOU'RE DONE. Admire your work! or if you aren't happy with what you made.. salvage the zipper, scrap the rest and start over!!

I hope this tutorial made sense and that some of you will make use of it. If you do be sure to post pictures.

Hachi17596640 Hachi17596640 16 weeks 6 days
Thank. going to do a 3/4 sleeved shirt and I have been looking for days after a tutorial for just a t-shirt and this is the closest I've found. You just might have saved my cosplay. :)
LingTjie16665020 LingTjie16665020 1 year 4 days
thankyou so much! :D i was looking forever for this.
Kiba15213145 Kiba15213145 2 years 21 weeks
This will increase the speed of my cosplay making significantly. I do a lot of cosplays involving hoodies ('Jack Frost' from "Rise of the Guardians", 'Frey' from my friend's webcomic "Fisheye Placebo", and any Assassin's outfit can be made from this, with slight alterations (from Assassin's Creed)). Thank you so much for this!
Corinne14961120 Corinne14961120 2 years 25 weeks
Thank you so much! I used this tutorial to make my sister a hoodie for Christmas, it was my first hoodie ever and thanks to the directions it turned out great...the only hard thing was creating all hidden seams in this project, I also added a liner on the inside to better insulate which took a little while...overall my sisters hoodie is warm and perfect...thanks again!
Kayla14778741 Kayla14778741 2 years 40 weeks
Do you suggest that it would be good to get the materials (like the zipper) from old jackets?
Courtney14730206 Courtney14730206 2 years 44 weeks
Hi, I was wondering about the main body part of the hoodie (around picture 4). I'm not exactly sure what you mean by add 5" inches. Have you already made the front two peices then laid some material out for the back and made it 5" thurthur over so it will work or what. Sorry if that doesn't make sence...
Lia14618582 Lia14618582 2 years 48 weeks
Hi dear, I wanted to ask you if I could translate your tutorial and use it for my article in a famous Greek site. You will be credited fully of course and there will be a link for the orignal tutorial. Thanks in advance :) xo
CoreySchmorey CoreySchmorey 4 years 10 weeks
Thnx im deffinately going to try this. Btw I love you VeggieTales hoodie!
lokisynn lokisynn 4 years 23 weeks
see i think i can do this, but what i really want to do is make a hoodie/trenchcoat no leather or nothing just a really long hoodie with a waist long zipper. if i pull it off ill let ya know
taribulovesyou taribulovesyou 4 years 29 weeks
Hi, I really love this, but I am a visual learner and though the pictures and descriptions help; perhaps a video would be alright to do??
vampire09zy vampire09zy 5 years 40 weeks
Ahng Im trying thisssssss!!! <333
davie-k davie-k 6 years 4 weeks
The fabric you are going to use to make the sleeve. Your using the T-shirt sleeve as a template for a longer sleeve. :)
PrincessZelda PrincessZelda 6 years 21 weeks
i have a question for step 3 when you said, "Now fold the fabric and along the fold lay the tshirt sleeve down. Adding about .5" to the bottom cut the shape out at whatever length you desire. Repeat." which fabric are you telling us to fold? and i don't understand the overall step O.O
corina1 corina1 7 years 11 weeks
i have to freaken try this pattern i will post pictures when im done trying it
Precious04 Precious04 8 years 29 weeks
SWEET I so need to try :)
Scarlet Scarlet 8 years 36 weeks
Nice! I love the step-by-step instructions, by the way.
littlemissme littlemissme 8 years 36 weeks
I can't sew AL ALL! The hoodie came out really cool, good job :medal:
cageyme cageyme 8 years 36 weeks
You are very talented. I love the veggie tales pattern. :pepino:
SassAndBide SassAndBide 8 years 37 weeks
quietone84 quietone84 8 years 37 weeks
Wow that's cool! And it looks pretty easy. Thanks!
davie-k davie-k 8 years 37 weeks
So funkie!
kh312 kh312 8 years 37 weeks
very cool but i can't sew a button let alone a hoodie!! :)
wilma1 wilma1 8 years 37 weeks
wilma-I use too to sew.All I do now is sew a button on and when got a hole on your clothes.
blackdiamonds blackdiamonds 8 years 37 weeks
WOW, it looks easy to make!
mominator mominator 8 years 37 weeks
I love them. I will not even try to attempt this though. You are talking to a girl who can't even sew a button.