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How much do the holidays REALLY affect your fitness schedule?

Jody76 Jody76 3 years 33 weeks
I say some. I do workout during the holidays, but they are shorter and I workout with the workout DVD's (because I hate jogging and taking long walk in the cold weather...BRRR!). So my workouts are a little bit "lazier" during this time, until late February, then I'll go back to my regular jogging and long walk outdoors.
amber512 amber512 3 years 41 weeks
Where's the option for I work out MORE this time of year? lol
benheld benheld 3 years 41 weeks
Yeah, it's not really the parties that impact my workouts, it tends to be more just I don't take time away from family on the actual holidays--right around christmas eve, day, and New Year's. Elsewise, I'm usually on track!
3 years 41 weeks
I say a little. I use the gym at my university and the whole campus will be closed for a week or two. I'll have to see if I can get a couple of free 7-day trials at other gyms for that time.